Tech Predictions for 2014: Bringing Hadoop to Your Big Data

Big Data is continuing to bring big challenges to CIOs and other IT professionals.  At EMC Isilon, we have thousands of customers of various sizes, representing a wide spectrum of industries. However, when I speak with our customers, I’m often struck by the similarities in the challenges they are facing.

A few weeks ago, I met with one of our Fortune 100 customers and asked what they thought was their biggest IT challenge today.  The answer was: “Now that I have all this business-critical data, how do I extract value from it?”

I hear this all the time. This customer’s response cut straight to the heart of what will be one of the biggest Scale-Out NAS trends in 2014.

I foresee IT organizations stepping up their efforts to identify ways to leverage Hadoop so they can transform their data into actionable information even quicker and more efficiently.

This challenge is what led Isilon to become the first industry player to offer native HDFS integration. By using a single scalable storage platform that’s HDFS enabled, organizations eliminate the need to duplicate and transport large quantities of data around their networks. Customers are now able to bring Hadoop to their Big Data, rather than having to take the data to Hadoop.

Earlier this year, we also launched a Hadoop Starter Kit that significantly reduces the time and cost of Hadoop deployment. We’ll keep investing in this area in 2014.

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About the Author: Bill Richter