TechDirt conversations on storage happening now at The Future of Storage…

For those of you with an intense interest in all things storage – this is exciting news.

We're working with the Techdirt Insight Community to start conversations about what's really going on in the storage arena. As this introductory  post explains – we're posing questions to TechDirt's community of experts and posting their answers – and inviting you to join in on – a conversation hub called The Future of Storage.

Just a few of the questions we're looking to discuss include:

  • What are the biggest storage problems that need solving?   What does "hitting the wall" mean to you, if anything?
  • What are the most important new storage technologies?   
  • For FC users, will you wait for FCoE products before you upgrade your infrastructures?  
  •  What's changing due to virtual server technologies?
  • How is your approach to DR changing?   
  • What are you doing for online archiving?  How will that change in the next five years?
  •  How do you want to manage storage?

From time to time we'll also be pulling key conversations from The Future of Storage and posting them on Inside IT.  Join the conversation – or pose a question you think the community should discuss.

About the Author: David Graves