Technology is Only Half the Story

How Dell Technologies OEM Solutions can help transform your vision into a valuable, market-ready solution.

At Dell Technologies OEM Solutions, we know your success involves far more than the right technology solution—in fact, the tech is just half the story. Winning in the market requires a whole story, a comprehensive narrative with a fully developed technology, customer and business strategy, supported by a complex ‘subplot’ of route to market, supply chain and product life cycle.

At OEM Solutions, we specialize in the full story. Let’s start at the beginning

To set you up for success, we want to understand your vision and strategy, so we ask a lot of questions during the early planning and consulting stage: How do you plan to roll out your solution? How can you ensure your product is tested and certified to work in different markets? How will you provide responsive, quality support to your customers?

Moving From Idea to Market

Bottom line: we don’t want to just sell a product. We want to help you achieve your goals and grow your business. We know first-hand that converting an idea into a market-ready solution is a complex process requiring expert, multi-disciplinary teams that are challenging to find, expensive to retain and take time to manage.

That’s where we come in, ready to share the benefits of our 20+ years of experience in over 40 vertical and sub-vertical industries. Our free consulting workshops help you plan your total solution and avoid hidden costs, complexities and risks that come with designing and building on your own.

Together with our presales engineering team, CTOs and architects, we will explore your current IT environment and opportunities, brainstorm ideas, future-proof your solution and decide on smart, connected solutions that will help enable your IP and products to deliver unique business insights in a competitive market.

Transforming Vision Into Value

At our Executive Briefing Centers, you can strategize with our business and technology experts to define a custom go-to-market strategy and solution and create an actionable plan to turn your vision into value—all in just one to two days. We offer in-person, hybrid and virtual engagement at over 20 sites globally.

Accelerate your understanding of the design and workloads at one of our Customer Solution Centers where you can leverage the knowledge and experience of our Solution Architects and experience the technology in person.

Our customers report that Solution Centers are excellent incubators for seeding ideas, sharing best practices and learning via practical, hands-on implementation. You can liaise with world-class product designers and engineers from Dell Technologies and our strategic technology partners, like Intel, and explore successfully deployed blueprint designs.

Driving Progress

Once your strategy and project are defined, your program manager represents your go-to-market needs, driving progress, ensuring milestones are met, removing obstacles to success, avoiding scope creep and evaluating costs, through to solution delivery. Even when you’re shipping in volume and in sustaining mode, your program manager keeps a watchful eye on solution life cycle requirements.

Solutions Delivered with Security and Support

Our reliable, intelligent global supply chain works to help reduce security threats before implementation. Our Secured Component Verification (SCV) assesses all server components cryptographically in the factory. On delivery, they’ll confirm inventory matches the signed certificate in the system. We also offer a multitude of different routes to move a product from factory to client. The choice is yours.

We understand that most companies don’t have the in-house expertise to deploy complex solutions like hyperconverged infrastructure or a software-defined storage area network. We can do the heavy lifting and roll out your solution regionally or globally through our expert ProDeploy services.

We provide around-the-clock, multichannel support via phone, chat and email with senior OEM experts. Everything we do is designed to reduce and simplify your role, so you can focus on what you do best: innovate.


Congratulations, your solution is in-market—you’re telling the full story. But there is no conclusion to this tale. In fact, it’s time for the sequel—accelerating your business. As a Dell Technologies customer, you can access and leverage all our resources around the globe: hundreds of facilities, laboratories, and teams with world-class expertise in marketing, sales, engineering, customization, design, export and compliance, validation, inventory holdings, shipping logistics and support.

At Dell Technologies OEM Solutions, we will help you create your full story and drive transformation in your industry. Together, we stop at nothing.

About the Author: Ravi Bharadwaj

Ravi Bharadwaj is the Regional Vice President & General Manager for Dell Technologies’ OEM Solutions for the Asia Pacific & Japan (APJ) region and responsible for driving the OEM Solutions business for the region. In this role, Ravi leads a diverse organization responsible for end-to-end delivery of next generation solutions to customers who want to optimize their IP performance into the marketplace. Dell Technologies OEM Solutions delivers to a broad base of vertical markets, including Information Management Appliances, Industrial Automation, Telecommunications, Healthcare, IoT & Edge Computing and Safety & Security. Ravi has been with Dell Technologies for over 15 years, where he has held a number of impactful leadership positions within diverse business environments. He has over 25 years of experience in sales, marketing, strategy and business development in industries ranging from Office Automation, Financial Services and Automobiles, working for organizations such as Xerox, ORIX, and Fiat Auto.