How Dell Helps Top Cloud Computing Innovation Award Nominee Tesco Underwriting

Ahead of the upcoming FSTech Awards on March 17th, Dell Services congratulates our customer Tesco Underwriting on their nomination in the ‘Cloud Computing Innovation of the Year’ category. The awards recognize excellence and innovation in the field of information technology within the UK and EMEA financial services sector. Tesco Underwriting has deployed a managed private cloud-based data analytics solution—provided by the Dell Services team—over three years. The 24×7 service will allow the business to quickly and accurately analyze large amounts of data, improving customer response time.

Quote from Darren McCauley CUO Tesco Underwriting about benefit of working with Dell Services

Insurers today have access to a wealth of data to provide an improved risk assessment. By accessing data in real-time, such as customer demographics and past claim history, insurers can provide more accurate, timely policy quotes and can quickly react to their competitors’ movements. Dell will migrate Tesco from its on-premise legacy system to a Dell-designed private cloud analytics solution, based on a Hadoop data platform for data storage.

The analytics platform will be managed by a Dell-led consortium including Cloudera, NTT and a number of Tesco Underwriting data analytics software providers.

To view how Dell is working with Tesco Underwriting check out this video.

With a cloud-based analytics solution, Tesco now has a strong, fast and flexible platform to help protect its market-leading position.

About the Author: Grant Byington