The Business Benefits of Touch

With the new Microsoft Windows 10 operating system coming very soon (July 29) there has never been a better time to start using touch screen PC's, especially in the business environment.

Touch is one of our five senses and to interact by touching is something that comes natural to us all. From a technology point of view it's a sense that we are learning earlier in life than ever before, in-fact interaction with technology via touch is already second nature for the younger generation. 

Touch has taken off in a big way for home users on "content consumption" devices but has been a bit slower on adoption in the business, "content creation" environment. With Windows 8.1 and now with the forthcoming Windows 10, things are changing at a rapid pace.

On-line publication Lifehacker published an article back in 2013 on reasons "Why Would I Want a Touch Screen PC?"they also list some reasons why you may NOT want a touch screen PC. Since those two years have passed the marriage between the hardware and the software is better than ever.

We are seeing thinner and lighter devices, the battery life is longer due to lower power consuming processors and other technological enhancements, and costs have decreased. 

We are also starting to see some really sweet hardware being released like the Dell XPS 13 and the very recently announced (last week at Computex) XPS 15, both of these laptops are available with virtually borderless InfinityEdge displays:

Also it's worth remembering that as these are Microsoft Windows devices they integrate with ease into most businesses, so no added complications (manageability, compatibility and security) with having to juggle the complexity of multiple operating systems.

Over the last few years most of us have upgraded from a feature phone to a touch enabled smart phone, and for most of us the experience was very rewarding. I myself will never go back to a non-touch cell phone again.

A similar experience can be seen when switching to a touch enabled PC, the time is now right to start embracing touchscreen products in the business environment, that could be a tablet, 2-in-1, laptop, an all-in-ne (AIO) PC or a desktop with a touchscreen monitor. The choice is very varied.

In the end it’s about what you want and if you see the benefits of touch. Part of Digital Trends final conclusion was that if you think your workday would be made easier by using a touchscreen then consider it.

At Dell we offer our customers complete choice with a great mix of form factors with or without touch, so if you do want to go touch we have the right solutions for you.

About the Author: Ben McDonald