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October this year marks the 12th anniversary of the launch of Windows XP, one of the most popular – and enduring – business operating systems. It is testament to its design and functionality that so many businesses still rely on it to power their operations. Yet this reliance on an old and now outdated operating system (OS) is totally at odds with today’s marketplace. The flexibility and demands of today’s workforce are beyond the reach of Windows XP.

Global economic conditions, security concerns and budgetary constraints means that it has been well over a decade since many IT departments have undergone a business-wide OS migration. So with the news that Microsoft is retiring support for Windows XP in April 2014, the estimated two million PCs still running the OS represent a huge upgrade opportunity for the channel.

Things have changed a lot in the past ten years, and customer demands for improved security, productivity and total cost of ownership have never been higher. Solutions such as Windows 8 bring security, mobility and efficiency to the modern workplace. PCs running Windows XP can experience up to 40 percent more downtown than those running Windows 8 for example, and that is just one reason to move to a new operating system built for the modern business environment.

Dell’s latest range of devices optimised for Windows 8 Pro includes tablets, Ultrabooks and all-in-one desktops that boost productivity, enhance security and ease system management for an evolving and increasingly mobile workforce. Innovative products such as the Latitude 10 tablet with its swappable battery and optional docking station, offer enterprise-class security and collaboration features, while the OptiPlex 9010 All-in-one Touch provides touchscreen convenience with easy management features.

The new world of Bring Your Own Device, corporate tablets and business-based Ultrabooks presents an exciting range of mobile and desktop solution offerings. Take a look at Dell’s portfolio of information and resources to help you identify the right devices and solutions for your customers, particularly for those on legacy systems who may have not previously considered introducing a smart and/or mobile device to the corporate environment. We’ve got reasons to migrate flyers, a customisable presentation, a new Ultrabook and tablet brochure and more – all designed to help you seize the opportunity.

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Topics in this article