The Dell Inspiron Mini Family Welcomes the New Mini 10

Like Chris
and Lionel
both mentioned in previous posts, today the Mini
welcomes a new family member today: the redesigned Mini 10, which we
just before the holidays. This latest Mini 10 blends new Atom technology from Intel with
a slimmer, trimmer design, and a few optional features that expand its
repertoire of capabilities.

Let's start with the design. The easiest way to
differentiate the 2010 Mini 10 from the 2009 model is the white base. Lift up the display and
you'll find another subtle difference – a comfortable 92% keyboard with
scalloped keys bordered by a palm rest that is slightly textured, making it
basically "smudge proof." The next
thing to look for is the "hinge forward" design (see image at left, click on it to see a larger version), which basically means the battery
extends slightly beyond the bottom edge of the open display and allows for the
slimmer profile. Now, one key thing about that battery – we will offer three
battery options: a 3-cell (~4 hours) and two 6-cells (~8.5 and ~9.5 hours) and
they are all the same physical size! That's right – this Mini 10 will
definitely fit into
your favorite bag
regardless of which battery you purchase.

Certainly the Inspiron Mini has become the companion device
that spends the majority of the day out and about, carried here and there,
keeping you productive and connected. But now, after the work is done for the
day, the Inspiron Mini 10 stands ready to treat you to a great entertainment
experience on the go. In the coming weeks we will offer  Mini 10 bundles with features like an HD
, SRS audio
and Broadcom's
Crystal HD media accelerator
, which will deliver smooth, stutter-free HD
video from streaming video sites like, (note to hubby: date night
Feb. 2 – Lost), YouTube, etc. For those that
are interested in a deeper dive, Anandtech has a good technical
of Broadcom's technology.

We will also offer bundles with built-in GPS with
turn-by-turn navigation and location-aware capability via Wi-Fi or a built-in
HDTV receiver so you can catch favorite shows real time via local over the air
broadcasts. On a side note, the Inspiron Mini 10 has been selected to be
included in a Mobile
trial program taking place later this spring in the Washington D.C.
area. Mobile DTV is a broadcast standard (ATSC M/H) that allows devices to
receive DTV broadcasts while actually moving, like on a commuter train. For
those of you attending CES, you can see a technology demo of the Inspiron Mini
10 with Mobile DTV at the Mobile TV
(Booth #10749).

So that about wraps up the list of updates on the redesigned
Inspiron Mini 10. Of course includes standard features like a webcam, Wi-Fi and
Windows 7 Starter, and will support built-in mobile broadband, Windows XP and
an Ubuntu-based OS in the coming weeks. And you'll still be able to customize
the exterior with one of six color choices, or one of 200-plus original designs
from the Dell Design Studio.  Starting at $299, I think of the Mini 10 as a
digital Swiss army knife, with multiple functions, keeping me connected,
productive, and entertained. You can see more photos of the new Inspiron Mini 10 in this Flickr photos set.

About the Author: Anne Camden