The Dell Studio 14z Laptop: Great Option for School (and Elsewhere)

Today we unveiled a sweet new laptop in the US and Canada, the Studio 14z, just in time for those of you looking for that “perfect” laptop for school. I like this notebook a lot, because it’s a true “thin and light” that slides right into a backpack and is ready to go with you anywhere. The bonus is that despite its slim and svelte form (4.3 lbs) it doesn’t compromise on performance – combining standard Intel mutli-core mobile processors with award-winning NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphics. It’s an  affordable (starting at $649) yet stylish homework-busting tool by day, with an alter ego as an entertainment powerhouse when it’s time to relax and recharge. We offer it in 6 colors: Black Chain Link, Spring Green, Midnight Blue, Purple Plum, Ruby Red and Promise Pink (US-only for that last specific color—we’ll donate $5  to Susan G. Komen for the Cure).

Studio 14z (left side view - closed) 

One reason that the Studio 14z is so sleek (note: click on image above to see a larger view) is that is does not have a built-in DVD/CD drive. Now I understand that this might make some folks nervous, but really, let’s ask ourselves when was the last time did you use that DVD/CD drive and for what? Bet you it was to load software. So let’s ask ourselves –do we really need to carry something around that we might use a couple of times a year? For those of you who are on your 3rd or 4th PC you may remember the fear and trepidation we all felt when floppy drives became optional. Today’s youth acquire most, it not all, of their content online – downloading music and movies, watching streaming  video, listening to internet radio, updating Facebook, etc.

There are a few other features on the Studio 14z that ensure it’s position at the top of the class:

  • Standard built-in webcam makes staying in touch, whether across campus or across the country easy and fun. The webcam also supports FastAccess  Facial recognition software, helping to make sure that your personal files stay personal.
  • Should your laptop go on an unauthorized “walkabout,” you can track it down and securely encrypt your data over the Internet with the optional Phoenix Failsafe Theft Protection software.
  • Given that the slim and sleek form of the Studio 14z is one of its primary features, the designers and engineers teamed up to created an optional eight-cell extended life battery that’s the same size as the standard six-cell battery –so no annoying “bump-out.” The optional eight-cell battery delivers just under 7 hours (6:46) of battery life.
  • The 14-inch HD WLED display is great for watching HD content by yourself or with a friend, or use the HDMI port to connect to an HD TV and catch up on the latest episode of a favorite show via the Internet (we do this at least once a week in our house.
  • The optional backlit keyboard is handy when you’re wrapping up that research paper in the wee hours while your roommate is catching some ZZZZs.
  • Choice of six colors –including a new Black Chain Link option (click on image below to see a larger version), which is a glossy black color with a subtle raised “design” that resembles, well, chain links, and  frankly does a pretty good job standing up against fingerprints..

     Studio 14z (Chain Link Black)

And finally, I know some of you are wondering Why the “z” in Studio 14z?” Well, in the 3-dimensional design world of laptops, there are three key measurements – width (side to side), depth (front to back) and thinness, or “z-height.” While the Studio 14z isn’t the thinnest laptop in the world (that would be the Adamo by Dell), it’s finely tuned balance of portability and performance should make it a serious contender on the back to school shopping list.

For many more images take a look at this set on our Flickr page.

Dell Studio 14z laptop (all colors)

About the Author: Anne Camden