The Dell Ultrabook Experience: Bringing the XPS 13 to the Streets of London

What do you get when you combine thin, light and powerful laptops with attention-getting supercars and a TV gadget celebrity? …the Dell Ultrabook Experience!

On Friday 30th March, Dell hosted the Ultrabook Experience in busy financial epicentre, Finsbury Avenue Square, London. With the help of UK TV gadget expert Suzi Perry, we showcased the Dell XPS 13 – along with four competitor Ultrabooks – to the general public… providing a great opportunity to capture feedback on the new Intel inspired Ultrabook concept and more importantly, our first Ultrabook laptop, the Dell XPS 13! The XPS 13 was the star of the Ultrabook Experience, with participants loving its sleek and sexy design and choice of materials.

“What is an Ultrabook” you say? For those that don’t know, it’s a concept Inspired by Intel. Ultrabooks have generated quite the buzz since Intel introduced them at CES 2012. Typically weighing in at less than 1.5kgs, this new breed of PC, brings all the portability of a tablet coupled with the convenience of a physical keyboard and high quality screen – as you’d expect from the latest laptop – giving you an ‘instant-on’ mobile computing experience. Check out this video from Intel for more details on Ultrabooks. Speaking of video, here’s a good summary of the Dell Ultrabook Experience event:

The XPS 13 Ultrabook is the latest entry from Dell into this group of portable powerhouses and one that we are particularly proud of. In fact,  according to a number of technology experts such as T3 and Tech Radar, the XPS 13 has set the bar for what an Ultrabook should look, feel and perform like!

Here’s a few pictures from the Dell Ultrabook Experience in London. Click on any of the images below to see a larger version. To see many more photos, take a look at the Dell Ultrabook Experience Flickr set.

Dell Ultrabook Experience 3Dell Ultrabook Experience 5

Dell Ultrabook Experience 2Dell Ultrabook Experience

To give even more people the opportunity to get their hands on the XPS 13, we also hosted an ‘XPS Hunt’ twitter competition – hiding two Dell-branded supercars in four secret locations in Central London for fans to track down based on clues shared via our @DellHomeUK twitter handle. To enter, the public were asked to find the cars, share their favourite feature about the XPS 13 and tweet it along with a picture of themselves and the Supercar, for the chance to win one of three XPS 13 laptops. As you can see below, the response was impressive – almost 150 people entered the competition and shared what they love about the XPS 13, with the Carbon Fibre and Gorillas Glass being the most popular features of this sleek Ultrabook. You can see all the entrees here

Dell Ultrabook Experience 3

It was a great day for the Ultrabook category… and more specifically the Dell XPS 13. Now it’s over to you: What do you love the most about the XPS 13? Join the conversation on Twitter using the #xps13 hashtag.

About the Author: Charlie Tebbs