The Information Generation: Healthcare at the Speed of Now

Digital information is dramatically changing how we interact personally and how we conduct business.  We are always connected, on more devices, and can quickly access data from across the world.  When it comes to healthcare, we are both patients and consumers of healthcare information.41848-980x6980_INFG_Information_Generation_11764_r9

And there is a lot to consume.  As healthcare data continues to grow at 48% per year, healthcare organizations are also being challenged by new patient expectations that come from living in this “always on, right now” world.  In a recent survey from Vanson Bourne of 236 global healthcare leaders, 89 percent of healthcare providers say technology has already changed patient expectations.

According to the research, patients want faster access to services, personalized experiences, 24/7 access and connectivity, and access on more devices.  All of this means, we want “healthcare at the speed of now” – immediate, full-range access to quality care, anywhere, anytime.

To meet the needs of the Information Generation and keep pace with this digital mindset, healthcare leaders agree they need to deliver against five top business imperatives to stay ahead of the competition:

  1. Predictively spot new opportunities
  2. Demonstrate transparency and trust
  3. Innovate in an agile way
  4. Deliver unique and personalized experiences
  5. Operate in real time

Just imagine the critical role these business imperatives play in a healthcare environment for initiatives such as population health management, value-based care, clinical research, telemedicine, genomics, patient-centered medical home. Yet, today, many healthcare organizations are only in the early stages of addressing these business imperatives extremely well or enterprise-wide.

Healthcare leaders also identified the top technology trends that will impact the delivery of healthcare tomorrow, including:

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Automation
  • Cybersecurity
  • Smart Communities
  • Hybrid Cloud

To help adopt this digital mindset enterprise-wide, we are working side-by-side with healthcare organizations around the world to simplify their health IT infrastructure, reduce costs, and innovate faster. To move value-based care initiatives forward, we are also helping healthcare providers capitalize on predictive analytics for clinical, financial, and operational use cases along with improving the security and availability of their patient information.

These solutions help accelerate collaboration across the entire care continuum and empower hospitals and health systems to transform their health IT  – driving real improvements in operational efficiencies, clinical outcomes, regulatory compliance, and patient engagement.

As an example, eHealth Saskatchewan deployed solutions for the enterprise hybrid cloud and end-user computing and is already seeing the impact of their technology investments.

Most important, healthcare providers can keep pace with the accelerated rate of innovation – engaging with the Information Generation and delivering healthcare at the speed of now.

About the Author: Dave DeAngelis

David DeAngelis provides senior leadership for the global healthcare market as the Healthcare General Manager for Dell Technologies. Dave is chartered to lead the Dell Technologies Healthcare strategy and develop repeatable solutions for Health IT, Precision Medicine, Connected Health, and Security Transformation to impact healthcare operational efficiencies, patient engagement, and clinical outcomes. Prior to joining Dell Technologies, Dave was the Americas Healthcare General Manager for the Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Group and Healthcare-Life Sciences Chief Technology Offer for its storage division. In addition, during his management career of over 32 years, Dave has held senior roles in Healthcare at EMC and Perot Systems. He began his career in Healthcare as the CIO for Amsterdam Memorial Healthcare System. Dave has also worked as a software developer for GE Aerospace and was part of the development and launch team for the NASA/NOAH weather satellites.