The Jury is in…Dell PowerEdge Server Innovations ROCK!

Over the past few months our PowerEdge servers have garnered some impressive industry praise. In fact, we’ve collected 10 juried awards each calling out Dell’s overall engineering excellence, unique intellectual property and innovative prowess for solving some of today’s toughest technology challenges. To put this in context, that’s twice as many juried awards as our nearest competitor. Our most recent award comes from the editors of R&D Magazine, who selected the Dell PowerEdge R810 server as one of the most technologically significant products introduced during the past year. Below is a little summary of what our peers have to say about Dell’s PowerEdge portfolio:

CRN Logo“With a pair of eight-core Nehalem processors wrapped in a 2U fault-tolerant box, the R810 is a Sherman tank designed from the ground up for mission-critical workloads. The tested system did not disappoint, delivering benchmark results that shattered Test Center records.”—CRN Labs

image“Dell appears finally to have a blade server platform to rival those from HP and IBM. Moreover, in the past few months, Dell has extended its M-Series Blade Server family, adding yet more server options plus flexible new I/O modules…The blades come in a range of specifications to suit every application from simple web server farms, through scalable virtualization to high-end application and cloud hosting.”—

image“The high volume four-socket (4P) rack server space is without doubt the sweet spot for AMD's latest Opteron 6100 processors, and Dell takes the honors for delivering the very first example – the PowerEdge R815…The R815 shares the same behavioral design concept offered by all the latest PowerEdge servers. The use of many similar components means that if support staff know how to service one PowerEdge server then most components should be easily recognizable on all other models.”—PCPro

What this tells me is that we’ve really listened to our customers. We didn’t fall into the trap of falling in love with technology for its own sake. We didn’t design or build products in a vacuum. We kept looking for ways to deliver highly-capable and efficient server-based solutions with a low total cost of ownership that could handle the toughest workloads. It comes down to staying focused on customer pain points. Dell’s vision of offering open, capable and affordable enterprise solutions is resonating with customers. We’d like to hear from you if you are using our PowerEdge portfolio of blades, racks and towers to help run your IT operations. This is a two way street and we always welcome feedback. Let us know how we can improve so we can continue “rocking” your data center with innovative Dell PowerEdge solutions.

About the Author: Sally Stevens