The Making of a Carrier Grade Rack Mount Server

When Dell OEM Solutions decided to develop new 1U and 2U rack mount PC servers, the Carrier Grade PowerEdge R620 and R720 platforms, we had to make some changes to the enterprise platforms they were based upon. One of those changes involved the bezel that covers the faceplate of the chassis. These platforms have fans in them, pulling air from the front of the unit and pushing it out the back.  This is required to cool the CPU, RAM, hard drives, and any add in PCIe cards, and due to this the NEBS Level-3 requirements call for a filter on that airflow. Our OEM engineers. being quite smart, designed a new bezel with the necessary air filters and added a thin strip of plastic to cover the other small intake vent holes not covered by the bezel.

Zac Cravens, our legendary video blog star from past videos, took me through the new bezel design. He explained the basics of the filter enhanced bezel, while showing us how it looks.

The bezel is just one requirement to get NEBS Level-3 and ETSI certifications, but it is the most obvious in terms of appearance. We also developed and installed redundant and hot-plug capable -48 Volt DC power supply units. There are several other small tweaks needed to get to full NEBS certification, but those we’ll discuss in the future.

Please join me in congratulating Zac and the OEM Solutions Engineering team for their great work.

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About the Author: Franklin Flint