The Promise of the Cloud…A Journey with Dell

I recently introduced myself, introduced the public vCloud for Enterprise customers, and am now ready to introduce you to Dell’s philosophy on how cloud technology can play a vital role in your infrastructure. Egan Christensen, Executive Director of Dell Cloud Services, recently completed a 15 minute video detailing the basic business foundation for Dell’s cloud engagements.  This blog contains this video along with highlights for those of you too busy to watch the complete video.

Dell sees the cloud as another strategic component within your overall corporate infrastructure and is not a separate product to merely add-in to save costs, resources, etc.  Successful cloud deployments require strategic planning and thorough understanding of how your IT infrastructure delivers on the needs of your internal and external consumers. Egan’s presentation takes you through this process based on four key principles:

  1. Business Needs – Approach the IT cloud upgrade from a higher level business requirements aspect and not just a technology approach
  2. Integration and Security – Secure, collaborative access of critical data across global teams with various internal infrastructures
  3. Bursting – Predictable model to manage costs and resources (utility model)
  4. The Journey – Crawl, Walk, Run

For those of you looking for a shortcut to the information, a great diagram was created while Egan spoke which I am duplicating below.

Finally, for those of you looking for the complete overview, I encourage you to watch the complete video:

For more information on the Dell vCloud solution, go to If you would like Dell to contact you directly on this solution, please complete the short registration form at

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