The Proof Is In the Big Data Pudding

As a Marketer, I turn to customers to validate my messaging and value proposition.  Big Data is an emerging technology so it is critical that I sell the truth and not the hype.  In other words, we hear how Big Data will solve world hunger, but the proof is in the Big Data pudding.

I was fortunate to conduct video interviews with EMC Greenplum Big Data customers at O’Reilly Strata 2012 to document their Big Data success story, and more importantly, validate the EMC Big Data value proposition.  These customers are real life examples of how Big Data provides business value across the organization – from the Marketing Department to the Operations Department.  Hear their stories below and let me know if you think Big Data can add business value to your organization…

Havas Digital Helps Companies Increase Sales With EMC Big Data

McAfee Transforming Into the Fort Knox of the Internet with EMC Big Data

Knotice Helps Companies Improve Conversion Rates With EMC Big Data

About the Author: Mona Patel