The Rules of the Road in Digital Transformation

We all know the tremendous potential of digital transformation. We also know that companies of all sizes and ventures are embarking on transformative projects in one form or another. In fact, technology investment related to digital transformation projects is expected to represent the majority of growth in IT­related markets over the next five years.

Are you heading down the right road?

No longer a buzzword or abstract idea, digital transformation is a critical IT strategy that’s gone mainstream. But even though we all know it has to happen sooner or later, many CIOs still lack confidence in where their company stands. In fact, nearly all businesses identify some sort of digital transformation going on in their organization, but only five percent of organizations say they have a digital presence that differentiates them from their competitors. 

IDC predicts “… a third of the top 20 companies in every industry will be ‘disrupted’ over the next three years, meaning their revenue, profits and market position will deteriorate.”

Finding the right partner—and engaging a solid strategic collaboration—will allow you to embrace this enormous opportunity to grow your revenue, engage your customers, empower your employees and enhance your operations .

Pack your bags

There’s no denying it: new growth depends on digital transformation. A roadmap built to your organization’s specific needs is vital, because digital success is based on your company’s mission, desired business outcomes and other details. In other words, there is no one-size-fits-all. A well-planned roadmap helps you identify and adopt the technologies to help you stay relevant in today’s world – with faster time to market, contextual customer engagement and real-time data insight.

Map your trip

Dell Digital Business Services works with customers to create transformation blueprints to meet these goals. A new International Data Group E-book, The Road to Digital Transformation explores Dell’s approach, and demonstrates how teamwork and tested methodologies get you to your final digital destination.

  • Plan carefully. Develop your strategic vision and roadmap. Think about goals, risks, opportunities and resources. But remember this: a roadmap and a business case are only the start for successful digital transformation.
  • Build a blueprint for your long-term plan. Specifics are vital here. Identify each step you need to take, and consider all of the questions that emerge as a result. “Lack of proper up-front planning can mean missing out on the opportunity to completely transform your business models,” says John DuBois, who manages Digital Business Consulting for Dell.
  • Understand change. Be it your company culture, your IT systems, management buy-in or sense of urgency, just how quickly your organization can transform will vary. Digital transformation is a marathon, not a sprint.

Be road-ready

The e-Book also maps out a simple, five-phase approach to help companies reach their digital transformation future. This Dell Digital Business Services structure allows you to succeed in an end-to-end journey or by incremental steps along the way.

  • Recognize: Develop your high-level vision of the potential digital transformation, and identify use cases.
  • Rethink: Define the requirements to successfully achieve future-state strategies and the key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Render: Build digital models and begin the move from vision to reality
  • Reorganization: Prepare for implementation by prioritizing initiatives and identifying the needed skills, tools and technology
  • Realize: Your digital transformation vision comes to fruition through effective solution integration and deployment.

For more details on how to turn your strategy into execution, you can download the e-Book now. You’ll also read why CIOs need to put customers first, the current state of the mobile-enabled enterprise, the importance of implementing social media rules – and much more. Ready your business for the future. Dell Services provides the right IT expertise and solutions to ensure business agility and growth by helping you modernize and transform your organization. Be future-ready with Dell Services.

About the Author: Raman Sapra