The Washington Report Joins Dell Blogs

For the past ten months I have had the great opportunity to write my weekly newsletter, The Washington Report. A combination of healthcare news, analysis, policy, information technology, and musings from across the world, the Report has been a great source of information for many in today’s fast-paced culture.

I am very excited to announce that this week we are transitioning the old Washington Report website into a new Dell blog! I encourage my readers to post comments and interact with me in an ongoing conversation that I hope will develop into healthy dialogue on our nation’s ever-changing healthcare system. We are at a crossroads in the medical community and it has never been more important to be informed at this crucial juncture.

Please take a moment to subscribe to the RSS feed or you can add your e-mail address to receive the weekly Washington Report every Monday afternoon. Follow me on Twitter @MDKev or feel free to drop me a note. I look forward to the road ahead and hope to hear from you soon.

As always, more later…
Dr. Kevin Fickenscher, MD 

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