Thin Sandy Bridge Laptop Coming Soon

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Update: 5-24: The XPS 15z is now available for many customers in the United States and in the other countries listed in this post. See my full XPS 15z post here or click on the image of my tweet below to read more about it.

@LionelatDell XPS 15z tweet

Late last week on our global Facebook pages, we shared a little more information on an upcoming thin laptop  that will be built around Intel’s second-generation core processors. If you read tech blogs on a regular bases, you probably already saw the reactions  from sites like CNET, Ubergizmo, Slashgear & Engadget and others.

If you haven’t seen the details yet, you can check out our US Facebook page (or click on the thumbnail below to go to the page).

Dell. Thin. Powerful. Intuitive.

If you are in another country, here’s the list of Facebook pages. More information coming soon.

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