Thinking about desktop virtualization but want to start small? Think about Dell’s DVS Enterprise Solution

The shifts in Consumerization of IT and the changing workforce are placing a lot of burden in your IT organization. Therefore, you look for a solution and start considering the concrete benefits of desktop virtualization and the positive impact that it might have, not only for IT, but for every employee.

So, you look for a solution that is scalable, cost- effective and fast to deploy. You may have just found what you need with DVS Enterprise.

Let’s explore DVS Enterprise shall we? DVS Enterprise offers a reliable, prepackaged and pretested bundle including Dell 12G servers, storage (Dell or non-Dell), networking units (Dell or non-Dell) and services, running on Citrix XenDesktop or VMware View. Based on open standards, the integrated solution stack of DVS Enterprise has been tested over 50,000 man-hours and is in constant evolution as new hardware and software solutions are validated. But what makes DVS Enterprise scalable is that any organization can start deploying desktop virtualization with a little as 50 seats and grow to thousands as the need of the organization grows making it also cost-effective. In terms of flexibility, you can leverage your investments and existing components as DVS Enterprise is designed to work with Dell and non-Dell network and storage components. And you will be able to deploy fast and start reaping the benefits sooner, for example, a 500 seat deployment will take you three days.

Watch this 2-minute video to get introduced to DVS Enterprise and determine if this is the right answer for you and your organization.

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