Thinking of Building Your Own 5G Network? Think Again.

Leverage the right technology your business needs to drive enterprise innovation at scale.

5G technology has a critical role to play in unlocking the next generation of business innovation, from Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) to smart electricity grids delivering green energy over thousands of square miles, to completely automated factories. But being locked into a single vendor’s vision for 5G can potentially stifle that innovation. At Dell Technologies, we believe the 5G-driven enterprise is the future of business – provided that the future remains open to innovation from a broad range of hardware, software and services vendors. 

5G applications will require more than mobile connectivity for onsite applications within factories, warehouses, transportation hubs, power plants and more. Mobile and smart grid IoT devices will also need 5G coverage far beyond these environments. They’ll need multiaccess edge computing, IoT devices, vertical industry applications and cloud-native computing platforms. This is a challenge for most organizations. At the same time, enterprises don’t want to manage a diverse team of hardware and software vendors. And this is where Dell Technologies has a unique opportunity: By delivering managed, end-to-end 5G solutions to their enterprise customers, Dell can provide the missing link between innovation and activation.  

Drive Innovation Faster with Dell in the Driver’s Seat 

Enterprises are looking for reliable, secure, networked experiences with enhanced connectivity that can meet the performance needs of their mission-critical onsite and remote applications. They also want a single provider that can deliver those experiences as an end-to-end solution, including hardware, software and services to deploy private wireless at scale on their premises. Because private wireless applications can be deployed anywhere from the near edge to the far edge of the network, it can take a significant number of servers and radios to create that networked environment. By partnering with communications service providers (CSPs), enterprises can deploy these 5G experiences efficiently and cost-effectively. 

Of course, CSPs can’t do everything alone; they need to partner with solutions vendors as well. For example, combining IoT and connected worker applications with Dell Technologies’ Expeto-powered private wireless solutions give CSPs a reliable, pre-integrated wireless solution that opens up a variety of use cases. At the same time, Dell integrated solutions offer enterprises high performance at the edge for computing and storage. While enterprises can technically implement their own wireless networks using the CBRS radio spectrum, it is more cost-effective to take a converged approach leveraging existing CSP public cell site coverage wherever possible and augmenting with private radios to close coverage holes and minimize latency. It’s this partnered arrangement that we believe will deliver specified outcomes for the widest array of 5G-enabled enterprises. 

Leveraging the Value of Partnered Solutions 

More than products and technology, Dell offers end-to-end services for telecommunications, such as solution design, testing and integration, deployment and full lifecycle management. With Dell services and solutions, enterprises get a fully validated, proven 5G solution featuring prepackaged hardware, software and services. Dell also partners with the industry’s leading 5G and cloud technology providers to create best-in-class solutions for enterprises. In fact, that’s exactly what we’ve done with our recent 5G private wireless solution. 

Dell recently announced an end-to-end 5G private wireless enterprise solution featuring integrated software technology from Airspan, Druid Software, Expeto and Versa Networks, as well as integrated hardware technology from Dell and Microsoft Azure. This private wireless solution can be deployed in various hardware and software configurations, which allows enterprise customers to choose the optimal configuration based on their deployment requirements. Currently, the solution can be deployed on Dell PowerEdge servers, Dell VxRail hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) or Microsoft Azure’s HCI platform. 

By combining hardware and software from industry-leading partners, Dell’s 5G private wireless solution allows CSPs to offer enterprise customers pre-validated, customized solutions for their 5G applications. Both Expeto and Druid offer core solutions that can accommodate 5G applications and use cases that require public or private roaming, or private-only access. In addition, the private wireless solution features Airspan’s RAN technology and Versa Networks’ Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) to complete its end-to-end functionality. 

Integration, testing and validation services are critical before a solution can truly be considered ready for deployment. While it holds true that no single vendor is an expert at everything, Dell’s experience in telecommunications, cloud infrastructure, hardware, software and global supply chain logistics makes us the logical choice to lead the telecommunications solutions of the future. 

How Can Dell Help You? 

One of the biggest barriers to adopting any new technology is knowing where to start. Now, you can get started with Dell. We have 5G solutions that are already pre-integrated, pre-validated and pre-packaged to help CSPs and their enterprise customers reduce the complexity of deploying and managing 5G solutions in their own network, in the cloud or at the edge. 

Enterprises trust Dell Technologies. CSPs can trust Dell Services to provide assistance with building, deploying and managing 5G solutions. We can manage the entire project from start to finish. We can design customized 5G solutions. We can help enterprises install and integrate 5G mobility into their operations. Whatever it takes to effectively launch 5G applications, Dell can serve as both launchpad and command and control for the lifecycle of the solution. 

Sure, you could build your own best-of-breed private wireless solution. But you can eliminate many of the complexities and have a better experience by working with Dell and our partners. If you’re really serious about making 5G work for your business, consider working with us. To read more about our latest private wireless solution, visit us at Dell Private Wireless. 

About the Author: Ram Chockalingam

Ram Chockalingam is a Product Manager in the Telecom Emerging Services organization at Dell Technologies and is responsible for building offers for private wireless and lab validation services. He has over eighteen years of extensive experience in network technology and the telecommunications industry. He has an MBA in Information Systems and Technology Management. Previously at T-Mobile, he was instrumental in leading cross-functional programs during the nationwide standalone 5G network launch. Ram has experience and proven leadership in architecting, designing, and deploying network products and services in technologies that include 3G, HSPA+, LTE, VoLTE, VoWIFI, private LTE CBRS, edge computing, 5G non-standalone and 5G standalone networks in fully virtualized cloud computing networks and cloud-native functions (Kubernetes, Containers, Dockers). Most recently, he has successfully created services offerings for private mobility that drive connectivity goals for enterprise customers.