Three days left to tell us What you think the future of education looks like

I wonder what would happen if you could take a teacher from 100 years ago and bring her into a modern classroom.  She would think that she was seeing the impossible.  Education has come a long way over the years.  From one room schoolhouses to online courses, from slates and chalk boards to white boards and chat forums, and from slide rules to calculus calculators, the way we look at education has drastically changed, especially since the dawn of computers. 

The change in educational landscape was a slow progression over the years with one innovative idea at a time.  Albert Einstein once said "If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it."  A modern class would be absurd to a teacher from the early 1900s.

Just in the last few decades the pace of innovation and change has accelerated.  I remember taking basic coding in elementary school and typing in a bunch of DOS commands to build a basic program.  A series of tedious commands were typed in methodically and capped off with the magic word RUN, upon which the screen would fill with rows and rows of letters and numbers. Eureka!

These days, computer usage starts in pre-school and high school and college students tote around laptops in lieu of spiral notebooks.  Between technology and Social Media, the new landscape of education includes things like smart phones, tablet PCs, online classes, online forums, etc. 

So, where will the future of education go?  What absurd ideas are going to be tomorrow's reality?  There is an opportunity to look into your crystal ball and see the future of education.  Right now we are running a Storm Session until March 26th on IdeaStorm that asks YOU what you think the future of Education looks like.  Come by and see the great ideas around Social Media and technology that are already posted and tell us your ideas. You can also click on the image below to go right to it.


There are only three days left!  Don't let that great idea sit idle… put it out there!

More STORM SESSIONS are coming soon: Virtualization, Data Management, Security and much more!

About the Author: Jeanette Holahan