Three ways VIS Creator can help you stay in control

Add the benefits of VIS Creator to Dell vStart for a Dell Enterprise Private Cloud

I spent a few hundred bucks on an Android phone almost a year ago, hoping it would free me from my laptop and let me to do more email and computing on-the-go. Fortunately, it’s done that for me to an extent, but I now have access to what seems like thousands of games that my young son LOVES to play.  And so he’s always asking for my phone, which is fine with me …. until he starts downloading even more games without my permission, usually not even realizing what he’s doing, including adding charges to my monthly bill and making my phone less secure.

It makes me think about how I would feel on a much larger scale as an enterprise IT Director looking for better tools and processes to help deliver faster on increasing business needs while still maintaining security and keeping costs low. Giving end users more access would free me and my staff from our slow, labor-intensive tools and processes so we could divert our time and energy to more strategic purposes.

Are you such an IT Director? If so, maybe you’ve thought about implementing a private or hybrid cloud solution to let end users deploy their own workloads and reduce your administrative burdens. But maybe you’ve decided to hold off on that because of security concerns and potentially higher operational costs.

Fortunately, there’s VIS Creator, which is part of Dell’s VIS enterprise private cloud solution portfolio. And here are just three of the ways it can help solve your security and operational costs concerns.

  1. End users have a self-service catalog of physical, virtual, private cloud and hybrid cloud resources to choose from for their workloads.
  2. Security policies help IT ensure that users in a shared infrastructure can choose only from resources authorized to them.
  3. Lifecycle management policies help IT control how long virtual machines can exist, giving it a better grip on resource utilization and helping to reduce waste and costs.

And, now, you can set up and manage your private cloud even faster by using VIS Creator with Dell vStart. This Dell Enterprise Private Cloud is delivered pre-engineered, pre-tested and pre-built and includes servers, storage, networking and VIS Creator hybrid cloud management software.

To learn more about how VIS Creator can help in these and other areas, watch this quick video and read our whitepaper Virtual Machine Sprawl:  Costs and Challenges

About the Author: Tom Baumgartner