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Making Self-Service BI a Reality with Toad Business Intelligence Suite 2.0

The Information Management team at Dell Software continues to pave the way for self-service BI with the launch of Toad Business Intelligence Suite 2.0. This latest version enables organizations of all sizes to more easily access and extract meaningful information from heterogeneous data sources while providing enhanced visualization and optimized data integration for improved collaboration and analysis.

We’re uniquely positioned to offer our customers the right BI solution at the right time. Instead of being shackled by legacy BI technologies that evolved to address separate and discreet data sources, we’re bringing a modern approach that looks at all enterprise data, most of which is currently experiencing significant  growth in volume, velocity or variety.

Minus the legacy baggage, our fresh perspective empowers customers to get more insight from their data than they’re currently able to attain with existing tools. And, instead of having to manage multiple solutions and tools across different data sources, we offer one business intelligence suite that works with all their data to reduce complexity, improve data analysis and fulfill the promise of self-service BI.

Our ability to accomplish all this has been strengthened by Toad Business Intelligence Suite 2.0 enhancements, including:

  • Expanded heterogeneous data access—We’ve expanded our list of data connectors to include complete support for Microsoft Analysis Services and connectivity to Amazon’s DynamoDB and Redshift databases;
  • Enhanced visualization—New storyboarding capabilities empower users to publish in-depth analyses for consumption by additional line-of-business decision makers while providing a single view of data to drive highly productive collaboration and efficient business decisions.
  • Optimized data integration—Desktop integration is faster and more agile thanks to performance improvements that accelerate the ability to share data and queries in real time.

For early adopters like Rebekah Anderson, director of business intelligence at Concordia University, Toad Business Intelligence Suite 2.0 removes bottlenecks that impeded the university’s ability to produce actionable business insight from multiple databases and different data sources. In particular, the four-person BI team was tasked with supplying an outside vendor with relevant data to support the university’s efforts to recruit online students as registration and classes had doubled over the past three years. The vendor required access, analysis and provisioning of data for online students. Additionally, Anderson’s team struggled to provide other external contractors and internal stakeholders with access to relevant data sources in order to produce a variety of reports and analysis.

According to Anderson, Toad Business Intelligence Suite had everything she was looking for in a self-service BI tool. “Toad BI Suite is unique in the sense that my different users have lots of options,” she explains. “For the more technical data consumers, I enable them to provision data, make changes and run reports on demand. For the less-technical, business consumers, it’s super easy for them to browse and visualize data without having the ability to make changes. With Toad BI, I have a single solution for everything that comes up.”

At Dell’s “Power to Do More—Accelerating Results” event, which is taking place today in San Francisco, Rebekah Anderson is joining other customers and visionaries who are sharing their perspectives on what it takes to better connect, transform, inform and protect information while deriving greater business value from their IT investments. As a member of the “Turning Data into Insights” breakout session, she will share how Toad Business Intelligence Suite connects to any data source, including the university’s Oracle Banner system, MySQL CRM, Blackboard data warehouse and Salesforce application, to improve productivity and analyses while adhering to strict governance standards.

As an excellent early Toad Business Intelligence Suite showcase, I’m looking forward to hearing how we’re providing Concordia University with the right tool for the right user at the right time. I’m equally interested in speaking to any organization seeking better ways to extract useful insights from enterprise information, amid ever-increasing data volume, velocity or variety. With pricing starting at $9,995 for five named users, it’s clear we have a solution and a strategy for making self-service BI a reality.

What’s your reality? Drop me a line at so we can help your organization realize its full BI potential. Also, join Dell Software this afternoon starting at 1:30 pm PST / 3:30 pm CST live from San Francisco at our "The Power to Do More – Accelerating Results" event as we provide an update on our strategy and new solutions.

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