Transforming 3D Graphics Production with Dell and NVIDIA Omniverse

Make the metaverse real with collaboration in virtual worlds with the Dell Validated Design for NVIDIA Omniverse.

As the leaves begin to change color, the industry events calendar fills up for many IT folks. Next up? NVIDIA GTC. Just a few months ago, Dell was at GTC 2022 Spring, where we announced the Dell Validated Design for NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise.

Since then? We’ve seen a lot of interest in this solution. This is because as technology evolves, it can sometimes seem like creativity leads to complexity. In the case of 3D graphics, teams with a broad range of skills must come together. Each of the team members — from artists, designers and animators to engineers and project managers — typically has a special skillset requiring their own tools, systems and work environment.

Emerging collaboration-enhancing technologies – such as NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise – are transforming 3D design and accelerating content creation. The film industry, for example, used to require years of work from hundreds if not thousands of visual effects (VFX) artists to create a single 3D movie.

But the technical issues do not stop there. As existing technologies mature and new ones enter the scene, the number of specialized 3D design and content creation tools rapidly increases. Many of them lack compatibility or interoperability with other tools. And across the 3D graphics ecosystem, hybrid workforces require a “physical workstation” experience wherever they may be.

It is no small task to provide compute-power access to a geographically distributed team in a way that enables collaboration without compromising security. But to remain competitive and retain top talent, companies must provide the necessary tools to the remote workforce.

Enter modern, accelerated virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). Specially developed VDI environments for 3D design enable authorized users secure, from-anywhere access to a desktop environment containing the digital tools they need to do their jobs. The result is real-time collaboration across dispersed teams, more design iterations for higher-quality work and faster production.

Solutions for Remote, Collaborative and Secure 3D Graphics Creation

The Dell Validated Design for accelerated VDI with NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise and NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstations makes it possible for 3D graphics creation teams to work together from anywhere in real-time using multiple applications within shared virtual 3D worlds. NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise users can access the resources and compute power they need through a virtualized workstation, without the need for a local physical workstation.

By running NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise on Dell PowerEdge NVIDIA‑Certified Systems, companies can enable 3D graphics teams to connect with major design tools, assets and projects to collaborate and iterate seamlessly from early-stage ideation through to finished creation. And the flexible solution supports the varying needs of different industries.

3D Design Collaboration in Different Industries

Accelerated VDI offers enhanced collaboration among innovators in nearly any industry. Similarly, 3D workflows are also now an essential component of every industry. Everything that will be built, will first be designed and simulated in virtual worlds. Here are some of the ways diverse teams across different industries are leveraging a shared virtual space using accelerated VDI to revolutionize 3D design workflows.

    • Media and Entertainment: Content creators can leverage accelerated VDI to operate in real-time using a variety of industry‑standard applications and bring together internal and external tool pipelines from multiple studios, enabling multiple personnel to collaborate, render final shots in real time and create massive virtual sets.
    • Architecture, engineering, construction and operations (AECO): Building design models can be handled from any location. The RTX-powered VDI environment can be used, for example, to connect leading design software tools so a geographically dispersed architectural design team can collaborate in real-time on a single platform and quickly iterate on a physically accurate 3D model.
    • Manufacturing: Geographically distributed design and engineering teams and third-party contractors and suppliers can seamlessly connect and collaborate throughout the product development process, from early-stage ideation concepts to smart factory automation and robotics workflows.

Customer Example: ebb3

ebb3 are specialists in accelerated computing. Their solutions are at the forefront of innovation, redefining the concept of the digital workspace, helping unleash the productivity and performance of any workload.

Using the Dell Validated Design for NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise, the company designs, builds and manages accelerated computing platforms that enhance the way businesses work with NVIDIA vGPU and Omniverse Enterprise. ebb3’s accelerated computing platform is built to prepare businesses for workloads of today and the future — with artificial intelligence, graphics rendering, virtual desktops and virtual reality being just some of the workloads their platform accommodates.

“The Dell Validated Design for accelerated VDI with NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise and RTX Virtual Workstations brings users all the performance of physical workstations, enabling secure remote access to complex graphic and data-intensive workloads,” according to Chris Brassington, CEO for ebb3.

Enabling Remote 3D Design to Build the Metaverse

At Dell Technologies, we are excited about NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise and its ability to enable collaboration for designers, engineers and other innovators leveraging Dell infrastructure. Dell Validated Design solutions for accelerated VDI, with NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise and NVIDIA RTX Virtual Workstations, have the potential to transform every stage of 3D production, a crucial step toward the metaverse.

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George O'Toole

About the Author: George O'Toole

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