Transforming IT, Transforming our Customers’ Futures

The word Transform over an image of a cloudAt Dell Services, we’re focused on delivering technology solutions that enable organizations to achieve the results that matter most to them by thinking about our customers’ future and how IT can help them get to where they need to go to achieve their business goals, as well as actively listening to understand our customers’ needs and business environment.  

Because we listen, we’re able to align our solutions to our customers’ imperatives, what we call Transform, Connect, Inform, and Protect. Not only do these four areas drive our customers, but they drive Dell as well.

First, what do we mean when we use the term “Transform?"

To transform means to migrate our customers to modern technology environments so they can react faster, reduce costs and serve their customers better. This could involve modernizing legacy applications that fail to meet today’s requirements, moving off a mainframe system to an environment that is more agile and scalable, or helping organizations embrace the cloud and its many benefits.

Our customers’ stories of transformation say it best. Here are some examples.

Singapore Exchange is dubbed ‘the Asian Gateway,’ as it connects investors in search of Asian growth to corporate issuers in search of global capital. To help the Exchange keep up with the pace of the global economy, the company migrated applications that had been built more than 25 years ago that were running on a mainframe. Dell Services was able to move these applications representing 75 percent of the Exchange’s business, onto a standard architecture. The Exchange underwent a true transformation as we helped it double its speed, halve its costs, and create a base upon which it could innovate in the future.

“Not only has the project reduced our annual operating costs of this solution by an order of magnitude, but it has also dramatically improved our nightly batch window and we can now process double the workload of the previous environment,” said Bob Caisley, chief information officer, Singapore Exchange.

Tagal, a leading Chinese steel manufacturer, transformed its infrastructure with technologies that enable scale and flexibility. Dell Services upgraded Tagal’s infrastructure from Unix to Windows to improve their enterprise resource planning (ERP) performance. The end result produced a 20 percent lower total cost of ownership, 200 percent improvement in application performance and data recovery speeds that are now twice as fast as before.

Airlines Reporting Corporation provides reporting and settlement services to more than 190 airlines and railways worldwide.

“Our industry is constantly changing as airlines introduce new business models,” say Scott Goodin, their senior manager for enterprise architecture.

They needed to migrate their business-critical systems, which processes 150 million transactions a year and is worth $84 billion, from a mainframe environment to a service-oriented architecture. Dell Services validated the company’s modernization strategy to minimize risks, and in only five weeks provided a detailed assessment report of potential risks, along with recommendations to address them. We also analyzed program interdependencies four months faster than initially projected. The end results were reduced risks, lower operational costs and faster reaction times. With the help of Dell Services, management at Airlines Reporting Corporation is now free to focus on the next step in its modernization agenda — moving its legacy applications to the new architecture.

In future posts, I’ll be discussing how we help customers Connect with their customers to enhance the experience and cultivate new business, Inform their own strategy and customer engagement by leveraging data, and Protect their data and intellectual property.

About the Author: Suresh Vaswani