Turning it up to 11 at Networking Field Day #NFD11

It’s always a treat for Dell to be able to host the Tech Field Day events, and this week is no exception, as the venerable Field Day crew will be descending on Silicon Valley for a tour of networking technology vendors, including a visit to our Santa Clara offices. Tech Field Days, if you’re unaware, were started by Stephen Foskett several years ago as an opportunity for some of the most talented enterprise technology bloggers and podcasters to get up close and personal with vendors. The delegates, as they’re called, spend a few hours with selected vendors over the course of a 3-day period getting a deep dive from engineers and technical marketers on new technology offerings. This isn’t just a closed-door event, however, as Field Days are livestreamed for the public, and there is often a lively backchannel conversation taking place on Twitter as interested people tune in from all over the world.

Tom Hollingsworth hugs the PowerEdge VRTX during a Tech Field Day site visit to Dell HQ. Flickr Photo: Stephen Foskett

Stephen and crew do a fantastic job of finding new and upcoming bloggers to join the more familiar faces at the table. This year’s delegates will be (hint, these are great people to follow on Twitter if you’re looking for networking and datacenter experts):

Brandon Carroll CCIE Instructor, Blogger, and Technology Enthusiast

Dominik Pickhardt Network Problem solver for 10+ years

Ethan Banks Network architect, CCIE, podcaster & blogger

Greg Ferro Greg is a freelance Network Architect and Engineer, host of Packet Pushers Podcast and semi-professional writer

Jason Edelman Runs a consulting company bridging the gap between DevOps and Networking. CCIE 15394, VCDX-NV 167

John Herbert Member of Packet Movers Union, Local #1918

Jon Langemak Jon Langemak is a Network Engineer, tech blogger, and dedicated tech enthusiast

Jordan Martin Jordan is a Principal Consultant of datacenter technologies based out of eastern Pennsylvania. CCIE #43772

Matt Oswalt Matt Oswalt is a network software developer and blogger

Michael McNamara Technical Architect and Network Engineer, jack of all expert of none

Terry Slattery Terry Slattery, CCIE #1026, is a senior network engineer with decades of experience in the internetworking industry

Phil Gervasi Senior Network Engineer currently working in Higher Education

Here’s an example from last year’s Virtualization Field Day 4 of a PowerEdge FX demo that was a real crowd pleaser:

The timing of NFD11 is perfect, as we’ll be hosting the delegates on Thursday morning, just a day after a major networking announcement (stay tuned to this blog on Wednesday for more details on that). It’s a golden opportunity for us to do a live show-and-tell following the announcement, plus we’ll have other goodies to show off during our session.

So, to recap, here are your tasks for the week:

I hope to see you all online!

Sarah Vela

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