Unique OEM Technology Based on Your Needs

Bring your innovation to life with our unique, customized OEM Solutions.

In an earlier blog, we provided a high-level overview of how Dell Technologies OEM Solutions can make your job easier and bring your product or service to market faster. Today, we’ll discuss how our unique, Intel-based OEM solutions are purpose-built to meet your needs right off the shelf.

Ready Designs, Based on your Needs

Many companies claim to listen and act on customer feedback, but how many can provide a concrete example? In our case, OEM product planning experts monitor customer requests daily, observing trends, such as increased requests for specific features, quickly.

We build these popular customization requests into our standard solutions to help ensure our products are tailor-made to your requirements, right out of the box, so you can focus on what you do best: innovating and growing your business.

Your Branding Center Stage

We understand your brand identity is critical to your marketing strategy, identifying your unique value proposition and distinguishing you from competitors. To enable you to personalize your solution and build your brand, we remove Dell branding from the bezel, BIOS, documentation, regulatory and shipping box in our OEM-ready platforms.

When it comes personalization, we also think beyond bezels and badges. You can add software branding and custom default settings for any configuration—everything from custom splash and setup screen logos to the BIOS and iDRAC settings. You can also relabel our boxes, technical documents and packaging with your company name and logo.

You can even create your own designs via Dell YourID and deliver and sustain your solution easily right out of the factory with Factory Engineered Services, including imaging, laser etching, reporting and rack integration and warehousing.

Live Long and Prosper with Stability

We understand that you and your customers detest technology churn. We know first-hand the costs—in time and money—of re-testing, re-validating and re-certifying complex solutions. After all, we manage the same process when we launch our products.

We also understand your solution may be integrated with other equipment or located in a remote or hard-to-reach location, and you need to minimize downtime and reduce maintenance and swap-outs.

To address these challenges, we focused on stability, longevity and visibility when building our OEM XL and XE platforms, which provide locked key components and deliver up to 18 months of product transition time. And to avoid any disruption caused by new component introduction, we notify you if a change is required six months in-advance via our Dell ImageWatch tool.

Industrialized Solutions for the Edge

While the benefits of edge computing include real-time, on-location analysis, the edge is often in tough environments, such as a ship’s engine room, a busy factory floor, an oil rig, or an Army jeep navigating through a sandstorm.

With harsh environments, you need the industrial-grade durability built into our portfolio, including elements like hardened design, extra robust chassis, extended environmental specifications and industry certifications right out of the box, like Marine, Telco and Military. Our solutions are purpose-built for harsh environments and perform in hot, cold, or dusty locations per certifications.

No matter the vertical industry, we can bring your unique innovation to life through our advanced technology.

Keith Perry

About the Author: Keith Perry

Keith Perry is the Vice President of Dell Technologies OEM Solutions, America Sales Group. In this role, he leads OEM North American teams responsible for bringing customers’ next generation of solutions to market with Dell embedded technologies: hardware, software, engineering design and services across all verticals. Keith is also a board member for Dell’s True Ability ERG committee. Keith’s sales philosophy is focused on fostering close relationships with customers, and on enabling technology to solve their business problems. Previous roles were Vice President of Dell's G500 US West Sales Region; leading Client and Compute teams across the globe in support of Dell Technologies Select customers; and serving a Global Account Manager for numerous Fortune 500 customers for over 15 years with Dell. Prior to his 20+ year career at Dell Technologies, he graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science. Mr. Perry lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and three children. In his spare time, he is highly active in community efforts, especially those focusing on educational improvements in the community and developing awareness and programs for children with Special Needs.