Unleash Innovation with PowerEdge and OpenManage

Innovation is more than just getting there first. It is about understanding what it takes to deliver flawlessly and consistently. Importantly, it requires an enterprise-wide vision of data for a connected experience, rapid enablement and continuous refinement.

New capabilities across the Dell EMC PowerEdge server and OpenManage solutions portfolio help empower enterprises to become innovation engines with scalable, connected and reliable infrastructure and tools. Additionally, a new code collaboration with Splunk will help jump-start the insights-driven IT operations journey by uncovering the hidden insights in their data.

Connected Experience with the Dell EMC PowerEdge XE7100

Technology innovation across an organization is integral to delivering customer value. Underlying this process is the Dell EMC PowerEdge XE server family of purposely-built infrastructure like designed for complex emerging workloads.

The new PowerEdge XE7100 is the industry’s highest-density 5U storage server¹ with flexible configuration options engineered for intelligent video analytics, media-streaming and object storage. It holds up to 100 high-capacity hard drives, or 67% ² more drives than a competitive system, to store more data securely. Additionally, the PowerEdge XE7100 is equipped with one or two dual-socket nodes with up to four accelerators³ to avoid data silos to boost inferencing performance.

The Flatiron Institute provides a highly interactive research environment for researchers, data scientists and programmers to work together through computational methods, including data analysis, theory, modeling and simulation. “Being able to retain long-term and complex data for researchers to access and collaborate in joint research is critical,” said Dr. Ian Fisk, co-director, Flatiron Institute. “The new Dell EMC PowerEdge XE7100 enables us to provide a highly collaborative IT environment to the pursuit of understanding the phenomena of our world.”

With the XE7100, high performance does not equate to higher total cost of ownership (TCO) and less  simplicity. In a standard 42U rack, the denser, 5U PowerEdge XE7100 can scale easily with up to 200 more high-capacity drives, 20% less administrative efforts, 50% fewer power cables, and it enhances power supply efficiency for lower operation costs and carbon footprint with up to 40% less power.4

Payment solutions for PowerEdge XE7100 include Flex On Demand, which provides customers with the ability to pay for technology as they use it. When it is time to scale for business growth, it provides immediate access to buffer capacity and adjusts payments to match actual usage.

Rapid Enablement from OpenManage Systems Management Enhancements

With intelligent tools, customers can adapt and maintain the infrastructure quickly to drive innovation. When technology platforms can be enabled and expanded seamlessly, IT becomes an enabler of rapid innovation.

The Dell EMC OpenManage Systems Management portfolio enables rapid deployment and scalability of dynamic infrastructure with the following benefits:

  • Reduces complexity with full-stack management capabilities in the same place for both physical and virtual hosts with OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter v.5.2. With the support of the PowerEdge XE2420 server for the Edge, OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter delivers a seamless systems management experience at full speed from the edge to the hybrid-cloud. For example, the admin can update hypervisor and firmware in an 8-node PowerEdge cluster in less than 4 minutes.5
  • Automates and simplifies server lifecycle tasks and scales operations rapidly with OpenManage Enterprise FlexSelect architecture, which provides ultimate flexibility and reduces the learning curve. With one interface, users can:
    • Prevent downtime through intelligent analytics, predictive alerts and automatically generated support tickets with OpenManage Enterprise SupportAssist.
    • Streamline and automate the catalog and repositories update tasks with OpenManage Enterprise Update Manager6
    • Identify and control underutilized resources and power consumption to aid workload planning with OpenManage Enterprise Power Manager.
  • This innovative FlexSelect pluggable architecture enables seamless integrations with industry leading management consoles to make PowerEdge server management flexible.
    • Streamlines IT service and operation management workflows for broader organization with OpenManage Integration with ServiceNow.

Continuous Refinement with Infrastructure Insights 

Infrastructure insights, powered by AIOps capabilities from OpenManage Systems Management tools like iDRAC, help continuously refine the data center to become resilient. iDRAC streams over 180 server telemetry metrics for proactive monitoring. Analyzing and visualizing this data helps uncover hidden insights between seemingly unrelated events for proactive management. With fine-tuning, these insights can make the infrastructure and business more flexible. OpenManage Enterprise and plugins automate notification and action following pre-defined policy, so your infrastructure is more responsive and secure.

To help our customers jumpstart an insights-driven operation, Dell Technologies partnered with data analytics leader Splunk to develop the Dell EMC iDRAC Redfish for Splunk Enterprise add-on for ingesting Redfish telemetry data.  Our experts also developed a visualization dashboard allowing organizations to monitor the full spectrum of business and infrastructure performance insights in one dashboard.

If you would like to learn more about how to unleash innovation, join us for a conversation on how PowerEdge XE7100 helps you embrace data silos to empower a connected experience at Dell Technologies World Experience. Learn more about the latest OpenManage capabilities at the master class webinar.

¹ Based on Dell analysis, April 2020, The industry’s first standard rack depth 5U Server with support for 100 internal hard drives. AD# G20000114

² Based on Dell Analysis, April 2020, comparing a Dell EMC PowerEdge XE7100 with 100 capacity drives to an HPE Apollo 4510 with 60 capacity drives.AD# G20000105

³ Accelerator options start shipping in Q4 2020

4 Based on Dell Analysis, April 2020, comparing the 2 power supply solution in the Dell EMC PowerEdge XE7100 to the 4 power supply solution in the HPE Apollo 4510. AD# G20000107

Based on Dell analysis, April 2020, comparing 8 Dell EMC PowerEdge XE7100’s in a 42U rack to 10 HPE Apollo 4510’s in a 42U rack. AD# G20000108

Based on Dell Analysis, April 2020, comparing (8) Dell EMC PowerEdge XE7100’s each with (2) 2400W power supplies in a 42U rack (38kW total) compared to (10) HPE Apollo 4510’s each with (4) 1600W power supplies in a 42U rack (64kW total).AD# G20000103

5 Based on Principled Technologies testing report on OMIVV 5.1

6 OpenManage Enterprise Update Manager plugin target availability is Q4 2020

About the Author: Ravi Pendekanti

Ravi Pendekanti is Senior Vice President of Server Solutions Product Management at Dell, Inc. His organization is responsible for developing and bringing Dell’s flagship line of PowerEdge Servers and Converged Infrastructure systems to market, covering a broad spectrum of global customers from cloud service providers and small businesses to large enterprises and organizations, all running a wide range of workloads. Most recently, Ravi served as the Vice President of the Platform Business Group at Oracle where he looked after GTM activities including Product Marketing and Sales Enablement related to the platform business that included Engineered Systems (Exadata, Exalogic, OVCA and SuperCluster), Servers, Solaris and Networking. With over two decades of extensive global experience in the enterprise and SMB segment in both hardware (servers, storage and networking) and software, Ravi has also held leadership roles at Juniper Networks, Hewlett-Packard, Sun Microsystems and Silicon Graphics. He holds a MS in Computer Science and BS in Electrical Engineering.