Unleashing New PowerMax Innovations

PowerMax enterprise storage securely transforms current and modern mission-critical workloads in the rapidly changing digital world.

Dell has a rich history of industry-first, mission-critical storage innovation. For over 30 years, global organizations have relied on PowerMax and its predecessors to be the backbone of their IT infrastructure. Flight reservation systems, trading applications and telco billing systems are vital applications to an organization’s performance and reputation. They require storage which is always on and constantly delivers peak performance. That’s why 95% of Fortune 100 companies, top 10 US banks, and top 10 healthcare companies worldwide1 use PowerMax for their critical applications.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce the next generation PowerMax – designed to be secure, intelligent and always modern with absolutely no compromises. Our PowerMaxOS 10 software includes over 200 new features, pushing storage intelligence and automation to a whole new level while also delivering industry-leading cybersecurity and resiliency capabilities for customers. The combination of software-driven innovation, cutting-edge hardware architecture and simplified licensing will help customers keep their storage infrastructure continuously modern with even greater flexibility, performance and massive scale.

The new intelligent, multi-node scale-out design supports the most demanding open systems and mainframe environments, offering massive scale and efficiency without compromise. It delivers up to 2x more performance, up to 14x more storage density2 and outstanding data reduction. This includes 4:1 data reduction guarantee for open systems3 and the industry’s first 3:1 data reduction guarantee for mainframe data4 over the previous generation of PowerMax. Furthermore, PowerMax 64-bit network-attached storage increases even greater data consolidation and data access flexibility.

The new PowerMax offers modern storage solutions based on three simple tenants:

    • Safeguarding high-value data
    • Automating storage operations
    • Staying continuously modern

For Salesforce, trust is our number one value, and PowerMax has been a key part of that in terms of availability, reliability and performance.” – Pete Robinson, Director of Infrastructure Engineering, @Salesforce

Safeguard High-value Data

Cybersecurity threats and ransomware attacks are an everyday phenomenon resulting in data loss and business disruption. Customer research has shown that 60% of organizations have experienced data loss due to an exploited vulnerability and 67% of IT decision-makers are not confident their data/systems can be fully recovered.5

PowerMax has always delivered unprecedented levels of data security, isolation, immutability and availability. With this release, we’re adding more advanced cyber resiliency capabilities while enhancing business continuity and disaster recovery to help our customers identify, prevent, detect and recover from these threats.

PowerMax is designed for Zero Trust Security Architectures covering seven distinct pillars of a robust security framework – device, user, transport, applications, data, visibility/analytics and automation/orchestration. Using intrinsic security capabilities, PowerMax delivers swift ransomware and malware activity detection. Additionally, PowerMax offers 65 million secure snapshots to protect data from intentional/unintentional tempering, which helps to achieve better RPO and RTO in the case of a cyberattack.

After testing the PowerMax security capabilities, John Lochausen, Technology Solutions Architect at World Wide Technology (WWT) commented, “The PowerMax support for 65 million secure immutable snapshots helps achieve tighter compliance, the quickest data recovery, fluid data mobility and superior business continuity.” Furthermore, PowerMax offers secure and dynamic cloud-based data mobility between public and on-prem data centers to realize true multi-cloud flexibility.

Automate Storage Operations

Unisphere 10, an intelligent PowerMax management software interface, fuels storage automation, enhances reporting, simplifies multi-array provisioning and enhances multi-factor authentication security. Additionally, an introduction of SmartFabric Storage Software for NVMe/TCP lowers the IP-based storage deployment time up to 44% compared to the iSCSI-based storage deployment6 and opens a door for consolidating more workloads on PowerMax.

PowerMax also extends tight integration to the virtual machine and container-based workloads through VMware virtual volumes (vVols) and container storage modules (CSM) for greater applications scalability, business continuity and disaster recovery protection in virtual environments. After testing the PowerMax product, John Lochausen explains, “Unisphere 10 management software of PowerMax greatly simplifies the overall user experience especially when it comes to achieving the SLO by placing workload on the right PowerMax array in a multi-array configuration.”

Stay Continuously Modern

PowerMax is true modern scale-out storage designed for mission-critical applications of today and tomorrow – including databases, mission-critical applications as well as real-time analytics that demand uncompromising uptime and extremely low latency.

Along with delivering great product value to customers, PowerMax adds future-proof and simplified services and maintenance offers to safeguard the investment throughout the product lifecycle.

Business Outcomes

Businesses can quickly realize several business outcomes from PowerMax investments. They can innovate with data, safeguard data from cyberattacks, lower operating costs, achieve sustainability goals and thrive in a multi-cloud digital world. For example, Salesforce, Inc. delivers unprecedented efficiency using PowerMax for its worldwide mission-critical CRM solutions.

“Salesforce has seen 25-50% improvements in database latency with PowerMax, depending on the workloads,” said Pete Robinson, Director of Infrastructure Engineering, Salesforce. “We were able to deploy this new platform using our existing tooling with minimal changes as part of the deployment.”

On the PowerMax platform, Salesforce has seen a substantial improvement in our storage efficiency ratios through data reduction. Umbra, a home accessories design and manufacturing company in North America, saw over 500% faster response on SAP BW updates on PowerMax according to Tariq Jamal, VP of Analytics and CIO, Umbra.

Learn more about how PowerMax can help you stay ahead of the digital transformation game and build secure data-centric decision-making for enterprise needs. Click here.

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2 Based on Dell Technologies internal analysis of random read and write hits (8K) latency for PowerMax, March 2022.

3 Based on Dell‘s Future-Proof program that offers 4:1 data reduction guarantee based on PowerMax data reduction tools (dedupe and data compression) for open systems storage, April 2022. Actual data reduction rates will vary.

4 Based on Dell‘s Future-Proof program that offers 3:1 data reduction guarantee based on PowerMax data compression for mainframe storage, April 2022. Actual data reduction rates will vary.

5 Based on Global Data Protection Index 2021 Key Findings.

6 Based on Dell Technologies internal analysis comparing iSCSI and NVMe TCP/IP configuration, May 2022.

Ben Jastrub

About the Author: Ben Jastrab

Over 20 years' experience in the information technology industry in various marketing and product management roles at EMC, VCE and Dell Technologies. Ben currently leads the Product Marketing team responsible for Dell's storage and software-defined infrastructure portfolio, where he manages the development of core product messaging, launch planning and execution, and cross-portfolio integration.