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It’s no mystery that innovation drives businesses into the future, or that due to recent events companies are adopting new technologies to remain competitive in an ever-changing business environment. An IDC study estimated that 75% of businesses will have digital transformation roadmaps by 2023, which is up from 27% in previous years.1 However, now more than ever, CIOs and IT managers face significant challenges in realizing the full benefits of new solutions.

Residency-services-advance-technologyTechnology must be introduced in a seamless way that delivers revenue-generating results. ProDeploy Enterprise Suite offers a full range of deployment services that get systems out of the box and into production fast. But taking the next step to adapt technologies to suit your specific needs and drive greater value requires a certain level of expertise. Many companies don’t have that expertise in house and don’t have the budget to hire those resources. Even if they do, recruiting top talent proves to be time-consuming and challenging as you search for that needle in a haystack. Only 9% of organizations are estimated to create enough capacity to take on the growth and innovation opportunities they pursue.2 Yet 50% find it very difficult to recruit the right talent they need to help move their transformation initiatives forward. 3 So you’re stuck…or are you?

Dell Technologies Services Sees Your Challenge
and Raises You a Solution

Residency-services-business-outcomesAs I explained in my last blog, Residency Services are perfectly positioned to support the elevation and utilization of new and existing technology solutions. Residents are an extension of your team, delivering a level of expertise that is difficult to match, and are directed by you, all without the need to actually be hired. But we recognized that wasn’t enough. We’ve seen the struggles our customers face, just as we’ve faced them ourselves. And so we enhanced the offer to better meet the data center needs of today. We have added platform and solution options to extend the technical capabilities we can solve for. And we’ve enhanced the flexibility of the service, with increased remote availability and new short-term options. The IDC study showed measurable results for how Residency can improve your business, but we won’t settle there. It’s our goal to help you solve the increasing challenges you face and provide continuous improvements to provide even greater value, and so we must adapt.

Source: IDC InfoBrief, sponsored by Dell Technologies, The Value of Resident Engineers on your IT Transformation Journey, June 2020

Go All-in and Unleash the Full Power of Your Technology

In addition to supporting the transition and integration of new product technology, Residency now also helps address objectives focused on platforms and solutions like multi-cloud infrastructure, data center modernization, and migration, and virtual desktop infrastructure and end-user computing. Resident experts still bring a high level of expertise and specialization, with best-in-class technical certification, but they can now help throughout multiple phases of the IT adoption cycle. From implementation and integration to operational optimization, across a multitude of platforms and solutions, we can cover a wider range of Day one and two needs. Through the expertise of our residents, you can be assured that solutions complement your unique environment and requirements, so you get the most value possible back to the business.

Game, Set, We Now Deliver the Perfect Match

We understand the ongoing limitations and restrictions of both in-person service delivery and time and resource constraints. While Residency has always been a highly personalized service, recent enhancements further cater to the shifting demands and challenges you may be facing, making it the perfect match for all your needs. Right now, virtual service delivery is in high demand, so we’ve expanded our remote delivery capabilities. Remote Residency provides the same great service that onsite delivers, just delivered virtually. Certified experts are still backed by Dell Technologies, dedicated to your priorities and directed by you. We’ve more than doubled the number of countries where we offer remote Residency, expanding the offer to include all our infrastructure solutions and platform options. We also now have new short-term options of one and two-weeks for certain solutions, making Residency even more flexible for those looking to solve more defined requirements, requiring shorter-term engagements, or those that can’t commit to in-person delivery.

View our customer journey video series which explains how our ProDeploy Enterprise Suite and Residency Services can help you implement, integrate and enhance new technology.

Let Residency Be the Game Changer You Need

Overall, Residency is extremely agile and customer-oriented, so we can provide the experience that our customers need most and adjust as those needs change. An expanded pool of resources and capabilities combined with our extensive resource selection process ensures that we not only assign the right resource but also deliver a service that is matched to each individual need of your organization. We know the game has changed, and we want to be the partner that keeps you in it for the win.

Take the next step, and schedule a time to speak to a residency services expert.

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About the Author: Steven Seserman

Steven is a Director of Product Management for Dell Technologies Services. He currently leads a team of professionals responsible for developing Enterprise Deployment offerings for Dell Technologies services portfolio.  Steve holds a BS and MBA as well as more than 30 years of experience in Customer Service, Support, Professional Services and Service Logistics.
Topics in this article