Update for Cougar Point Chipset Retail Customers

Yesterday, I published an update to my existing post about how we are supporting customers affected by the Intel Cougar Point chipset issue. See the Update 2 section of the post. The update applies to customers who purchased on of the four systems below from a retail store on or before February 15.

If you purchased one of these systems on or before February 15, you may have an affected system.

Many customers who have purchased these systems from retail stores have not yet registered the system. My update walks customers though how to register the system from the Dell.com/register site. See the details in the Update 2 section of that post.

I have closed comments on this post to centralize all questions and comments regarding registration and the Intel chipset issue in one place. To comment, please go to that post from March 23.

About the Author: Lionel Menchaca