vFoglight Storage called one of Storage Magazine’s Products of the Year

Storage Magazine Products of the YearDell's vFoglight Storage 2.0 recently won Gold in Storage Magazine's Product of the Year awards for 2012! As one judge put it "vFoglight Storage 2.0 provides 'excellent all-around storage and network management.'" Overall as reported in Storage Magazine's award edition, the judges gave vFoglight Storage 2.0 the highest marks in the storage management tools category in five of the six ratings areas: ease of use and manageability, innovation,performance, ease of integration and value.

vFoglight Storage serves to solve the "last mile problem" by connecting together metrics data generated from virtual machines with the performance of the storage array network (SAN). This is significant as in the past, storage administrators have used management software that looked at fabrics and storage arrays while server admins have used applications that monitored servers. These management systems did not integrate, making troubleshooting, planning and managing the end-to-end infrastructure which supports application performance challenging.

Dell Foglight had always excelled at providing application performance monitoring from the application through the VM and onto the physical server, but had not connected into the storage hadrware.[nbsp] The award-winning vFoglight Storage 2.0 introduced functionality that bridged the final gap between the VM and physical hardware on the storage side. This gap is was the final barrier to providing a complete picture from the application all the way down to the disk spindle for IT operations teams

Pulling together disparate data elements within data center infrastructure to present an end-to-end picture of application performance from the application to the spindle is no small undertaking. The Foglight framework, is uniquly able to take on this challenge by connecting together the metrics from these different infrastructure areas. vFoglight Storage 2.0 extends this integration with connectivity between storage and the virtual environment: Combining data from VMware vCenter with array and switch data to provide a holistic application to spindle visibility that a system administrator can use to diagnose problems and is unique in the industry.

To try this award-winning system within your virtual environment, download a 30-day free trial of vFoglight Storage.

About the Author: Alex Rosemblat