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On March 18th, VICE, Dell, and Intel will launch, a new online channel showcasing emerging music from around the world. The site will feature live performances and behind-the-scenes interviews with hand-picked acts from a dozen countries. Through captivating original short videos, Noisey gives viewers unprecedented access to the lives of bands on and off the stage. By capturing the complete live music experience, viewers can join bands on the road and share their experiences as they get ready for a show, meet fans and industry insiders, and explore the city and its local culture.

VICE crisscrosses the globe to find the most exciting emerging musicians and music scenes around the world, with Dell and Intel enabling the innovative user experience. Transcending continents and language barriers, Noisey gives music lovers the opportunity to discover great bands and connect on a powerful, state-of-the-art digital entertainment channel.

Noisey premieres on March 18 at the SXSW music festival, with a showcase event featuring Bun B, Ariel Pink, Yuck, JEFF The Brotherhood, Oberhofer and Dirty Beaches. The site will release new content on a daily basis and debuts with over 40 episodes. Each episode includes five segments, including a short documentary introducing viewers to the band and the local music scene, then four segments of uninterrupted performances.

"There is no other venue to get discovered like this," said Michael Tatelman, Dell's Vice President of North America Consumer Sales & Marketing. " is a discovery engine for young, cutting-edge music, and Dell's involvement from the very beginning makes Noisey even more unique. Dell's influence was to push the bounds of digital delivery and ensure was something no one has ever seen before."

For more information visit and Noisey Facebook page.  If you are on Twitter, you can follow Noisey at @Noisey_US

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