VIDEO: Dell’s Packaging Director on Why Green Matters

By Dell Inc.

Oliver Campbell, Director of Packaging and Packaging Engineering for Dell, has an important message for anyone who has trouble understanding why green initiatives matter:

“When sustainability is done right, it actually costs less.”

That’s a critically important thing to keep in mind when you look at what Dell does around sustainable packaging. Known for their use of innovative, unusual materials (bamboomushroomswheat, even captured methane emissions), Dell’s packaging team is under constant pressure to deliver less costly packaging that also provides social or environmental benefits.

Dell’s efforts are paying off. Since 2009, its packaging innovations team has saved Dell $53.3 million and avoided 31.3 million pounds of packaging waste. They’re also making great progress toward their zero-waste packaging goals, with two out of every three product shipments arriving in 100 percent sustainably sourced, recyclable materials. When you look at specific Dell product lines, that number is even higher: all tablets arrive in 92 percent of laptops arrive in entirely waste-free packaging.

Hear Oliver explain how the Dell waste-free packaging goals are helping customers lower total cost of ownership.

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