Video Demonstration of Hybrid Cloud Computing on Dell’s Public vCloud

Bijush Ramachandran from Cloud Computing Journal recently discussed the reasoning behind the growing interest in a hybrid cloud solution rather than a public or private cloud deployment. He notes that “it is becoming clear that the future that is emerging is a hybrid cloud model” and goes on to discuss the various technical issues involved in a successful hybrid cloud. For more on that discussion, go here.

The increased interest in a hybrid cloud model for existing private cloud customers is driving the Dell cloud team to ensure that our products meet the hybrid cloud requirements. I am pleased that our current vCloud offering is already capable of supporting hybrid customers via the VMware vCloud Connector which is available to customers as a free download from VMware.

In this video (6 minutes), Jeremy Greening, Product Manager for Dell’s Cloud IT Consulting Services and Matt Brooks, Cloud Strategist with Dell’s Services Office of the CTO demonstrate the hybrid cloud capability in the Dell vCloud solution.

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About the Author: Stephen Spector