Video: Top 10 reasons the PC is ‘dead’

By Stephanie Losee, Managing Editor, Dell Global Marketing

Jeff Clarke, vice chairman and head of Dell’s PC business, walked onto the stage at the Dell Annual Analyst Conference this morning in Austin to the tune of Spamalot’s “I Am Not Dead Yet” and gave some of his top 10 reasons the PC is, in fact, “dead”:

10. Just 315 million PCs were sold last year.

9. In this room, only nine out of 10 people have a PC. The tenth person probably has three.

8. 68 percent of consumers use PCs to shop on Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is not much to crow about.

7. PCs are used by only 100 percent of Fortune 500 companies.

6. Excel and smartphones are a match made in heaven.

5. Of the 1.2 billion ATMs around the world, just 1.2 billion of them are using a PC.

4. Nearly all consumers who own a personal computer use it at least once a day. Which is more often than they bathe.

3. Scientists, government employees, engineers, architects, and the entire film industry gave up PCs in favor of “story time.”

2. Since the “post-PC era” began in 1999, only 3.58 billion PCs have been sold. Pundits may have meant the “post-typewriter era.”

1. Mainframes and minicomputers are totally making a comeback.

Watch an excerpt of Clarke’s remarks at the conference.

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