Virtual Classroom Training coming to a location near you

Dell understands the challenges of committing a key team member to certification training, especially when factoring in the additional time and cost of travel to get that team member to the classroom.  In an effort to alleviate that specific point, Dell Security Products of Dell’s Software Group is proud to offer two additional courses in our Virtual Classroom modality.

The Secure Remote Access Basic Administration (SRABA) and the Network Security Advanced Administration (NSAA) courses are now available in our Virtual Classroom. 

Travel is never necessary when attending a technical course in Dell’s Virtual Classroom.  Any student with a stable internet connection can access the classroom and receive Dell industry leading training, from their office, or even from the comfort of their own home.

Students who register for a class in our Virtual Classroom will be shipped all student materials prior to the class, as well simple instructions on how to access the Virtual Classroom.  On training day, students will log in to the classroom and be greeted by our certified instructors, just as they would in a physical classroom.  Virtual Classroom training covers the exact same content as their physical counter parts, and includes access to our state-of-the-arts Virtual Lab environment. 

Dell Security Products technical training relies heavily on hands-on experience, using real products, and the Virtual Classrooms are no different.  The Virtual Lab environment allows students to experience all hands-on exercises through a remote access portal. 

For more information, please visit our Instructor-led course page , and review course descriptions. If these courses are of interest to you, you will find that it is scheduled on our class schedule page as well.  Virtual Classroom training courses are represented on the schedule in the location column as ‘Virtual Training’.

About the Author: Hung Ha