VMAX, VPLEX, and RecoverPoint — Driving More Trust for Mission-Critical Data Centers

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As we finalize preparations for EMC World 2013 starting next Monday in Las Vegas, we cap an intense year of innovation at EMC’s Enterprise Storage Division by launching new VMAX and VPLEX features, with a powerful new RecoverPoint 4.0 (see my separate Pulse post).

Storage launches traditionally focus on bigger, faster, and the latest whizbang technology. In the past 12 months we have certainly announced faster VMAX platforms (twice), the biggest Tier 1 array (VMAX 40K) and the game-changing VMAX Cloud Edition.

But there’s another important area we’ve been working on: TRUST. For mission-critical storage, big and fast are not enough. Customers need Tier 1 Reliability with >99.999% uptime plus protection against disasters and data corruption. They want continuous availability and predictable, reliable, performance.

The VMAX mantra is “Powerful, Trusted, Smart.” Trust is key for us and based on our great Q1 growth, also for customers.  Today’s announcements do make VMAX, VPLEX and RecoverPoint faster, but the focus is delivering more TRUST to more customers.

Here’s how…

The best business continuity x2

Now VMAX customers can use both SRDF and RecoverPoint CDP to protect the same data. Replicate critical data to a remote site and rewind critical applications to any-point-in-time. Customers have been asking for the gold standard for remote replication to be joined with the world’s most innovative operational recovery – now they have it. EMC is the first to do this, and no other vendor has it.

Continuous Availability, for everyone!

VPLEX Availability and FlexibilityAvailability is a big part of trust. With rapid, double-digit annual growth, customers are increasingly choosing VPLEX for continuous availability.  To accelerate this growth we’ve made VPLEX licensing up to 50% more affordable for EMC VNX customers. We also enhanced VMware integration and reporting to provide greater visibility and intelligence. More trusted VPLEX availability for more customers is a win for everyone.

Dow Corning trusts VPLEX for Continuous Availability

Trusted Performance

Mission-critical data centers need high availability but also reliable performance. VMAX Host I/O Limits now dynamically rebalances for changing workloads or hardware outages. This gives each application the right service level and expands VMAX performance multi-tenancy. VMAX automatically optimizes its caching with EMC’s XtremSW Cache, while new performance analysis tools and REST APIs help monitor, analyze, and optimize configurations. You get to faster, more predictable performance sooner, with less work.

Data and Statistics

New features also make VMAX available to more mainframe and IBM i customers.

To hear how Accenture is transforming its IT infrastructure for higher availability and faster performance with VMAX, watch Brian Gallagher’s EMC World keynote (see below for more detail on how) with a guest appearance from Accenture’s Andrew Wilson.

Brian Gallagher, EMC President, Enterprise Storage Division, will provide more insight during his Monday keynote at EMC World in Las Vegas. To hear more, bookmark your calendars for Monday, May 6 at 2:30 p.m. PT and attend live or visit our ECN page to view a live stream of the keynote.  To join the conversation, please follow VMAX and VPLEX on Twitter and ask questions on the ECN during our Ask the Experts – VMAX and Ask the Experts – VPLEX and RecoverPoint discussions.

About the Author: Peter C. Conway

Topics in this article