VMAX3 Revolution Goes Worldwide; Now Generally Available

Today the world can now experience the revolution that is the EMC VMAX3, the world’s first Enterprise Data Service Platform. I’m excited to announce General Availability of VMAX3, along with HYPERMAX OS, the first converged storage hypervisor and OS to embed storage infrastructure services on the array.

With VMAX3, EMC is defining a new IT category (the Enterprise Data Service Platform), enabling IT to control where to best run specific workloads, and simply manage Storage-as-a-Service through predictable service levels at hybrid cloud scale.

The buzz around VMAX3 has been exceptional since we announced it in July.  But of course, buzz is nothing without a great product to back it up.


Over the last two months, we have given some select customers a deeper view. We’ve collected their input as they put the product through its paces. They have experienced firsthand our incredibly streamlined, yet radically different service level objective-based provisioning process.  Through this collaboration, we’ve further improved the product.

VMAX3 in 3D – The Industry’s First Enterprise Data Service Platform

Feedback on the interface, as well as the capabilities, has been incredibly positive. Customers are excited at the fact that provisioning can now take less than two minutes, and describe the process as much cleaner and concise.

“We’re very excited for the service level provisioning feature of the new VMAX… This new feature is going to enable us to set new policies and controls that should reduce the complexity and overhead of our management.” — Jesse Braasch, Vice President of Infrastructure at Evolution1

They also like how VMAX3 automatically manages to the assigned service level, saving them time and effort in performance analysis and manual tuning. Rather than thinking about storage just in terms of I/Os and I/O density, they can now manage in terms of latency threshold requirements.  The Dynamic Virtual Matrix also gives them greater confidence in maintaining predictable performance.

“The new VMAX storage hypervisor is going to allow us to rethink our tier 1 storage architecture… This feature is going to allow us to look at maybe moving some of those workloads to the VMAX to improve the performance and availability.” — Jesse Braasch, Vice President of Infrastructure at Evolution1

Customers are excited about the performance we now deliver in a single floor tile due to the greater density available with VMAX3, which lowers their TCO, makes them more energy-efficient, and enables more flexible deployment options.

“For us the new VMAX is very much a continuation of all the things that we liked with the old one, simpler to manage, HYPERMAX OS moving what we currently have as separate servers and gateways back into the box is really welcome. So it’s exactly where we wanted to see it going, something we can continue to depend on, that gets easier to manage over time.” — Martin Hargreaves, Solutions Architect at Vocalink

I am very happy that today these revolutionary capabilities can now be experienced by all our customers and help them more simply manage enterprise storage, lower their TCO and provide predictable business-oriented performance.

Today is just the beginning for VMAX3.  I hope our customers are as excited as I am about this product!

About the Author: Fidelma Russo