VMWorld 2015 Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Recap

hybridcloudeventVMworld 2015 was jam packed with announcements, activity, customers (over 23,000 attendees!), events, and more. For those who missed the show or just want to know all that happened – keep reading!

This past May, we had great success at EMC World 2015 showing customers the speed at which you could add new services after deployment with the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud through a hands-on, live demo experience at the booth.
At VMworld 2015, we previewed features that extended our value proposition with the ability to deliver even more self-service capabilities, even after the initial deployment, and the continuous delivery of applications for complete application life cycle management.

Specifically, there were three major updates to the solution announced at the show. First, through the inclusion of CodeStream, IT can deliver continuous application delivery capabilities that allow developers to push their updated code out to users without waiting on infrastructure. Ultimately, this puts IT and the App Development team much closer together.
Second, the solution will make it possible for users to add, modify, and update data protection and security services at any time from the self-service portal. This allows users to update the services appropriately as the requirements of the workload or application change.

Lastly, we are engineering the VxRack from VCE as a new hyper-converged infrastructure option to deploy the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud even faster! Additionally, the hyper-converged option allows for better economics due to the ability to scale storage and compute independently.

hybridcloudthecubeAs you can imagine, all these upgraded features announced at the show generated quite the buzz. The solution had a presence all over the show. We had demo and conversation stations set up at both the EMC and VMware booths combined with mini-theater presentations, customers talking about how the solution has helped their IT transformation, a Peter Cutts interview with TheCube, twelve speaking sessions accepted, and four sponsored breakout sessions talking about the solution. All in all, there were a wide variety of ways the attendees could learn about the solution.

hybridcloudpresentationsFrom a booth perspective, we were again able to show the speed and agility the solution provides our customers through a demo experience. As customers strolled past either the VMware or EMC booth, our staff was able to engage them in conversation and quickly transition to a demo experience that actually showed them how fast the solution
really is. Additionally, at the EMC booth I was personally able to present to a large group of attendees (thanks to our crowd gatherers being great and the awesome prizes we were giving away) three times during the week. Giving them the elevator pitch for the solution and directing them to our experts and demo stations to learn more.

To experience the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution for yourself like our VMworld attendees did, try our new demo site or leave a comment below!

About the Author: Michael Greene