Voices From the Front: Securing Your Future with APEX

How APEX Cyber Recovery Service helps you secure your business with confidence – revisiting Dell Technologies World.
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We hear from IT leaders every day who tell us that securing their business has never been more critical – or more complex. As organizations adapt their multi-cloud environment to keep pace with business demands, they seek best-in-class capabilities from any provider who can help them achieve better outcomes. And as new applications are put into production – across the public cloud ecosystem and on-premises in data centers and edge locations – data accumulates in more places and creates an out-of-control attack surface.

Even worse, cyberattacks are growing in complexity, frequency and intensity. According to a 2022 ESG study, “79% of respondent organizations report having experienced a ransomware attack within the last year.”¹ As a result, ransomware security is a top concern for so many IT leaders.

At Dell Technologies World in May, we shared how our new solutions can help you streamline recovery from a cyberattack. Today, we’re revisiting a Silicon Angle chat with Akanksha Mehrotra, VP of APEX Product Marketing, and Chad Dunn, VP of Product Management, as they discuss the latest cybersecurity solutions in the APEX portfolio.

Cyber Recovery Matters

The reality is that a cyberattack is a matter of “when,” not “if.” Putting robust security measures in place – firewalls and other perimeter defenses – that help defend against a cyberattack is a good start. But IT leaders must also plan for what happens if these traditional security measures are breached. A great cybersecurity strategy includes an actionable recovery plan for when a cyberattack eventually happens, enabling an organization to resume normal business operations as quickly as possible.

The ideal cybersecurity strategy should include solutions that help protect your most critical data, simplify recovery operations, reduce business risk and free your security teams to focus on strategic concerns.

One option to consider is APEX Cyber Recovery Services, a purpose-built, on-premises solution – managed as-a-Service – that not only helps you defend against ransomware, but also puts in place a plan for how to recover after a cyberattack occurs.

Cyber Recovery as-a-Service

Because this solution is delivered as-a-Service, Dell Technologies takes care of lifecycle management, testing, and day-to-day operations – freeing your cybersecurity professionals to tackle other tasks. In addition, our experts provide best-practices guidance to determine the data protection policy that’s right for your organization. This includes Dell-assisted recovery using templated runbooks that document every step of the recovery process.

This solution builds on Dell’s rich history of investments in the cyber recovery space. We have deployed more than 1,900 isolated recovery vaults for businesses of all sizes, across all industries around the world. APEX Cyber Recovery Services stores critical data in a secure digital vault with restricted access and isolation from networks. Also included is CyberSense, which leverages cutting-edge machine learning to proactively identify threats.

Including everything from setting up your vault to bringing you back online after an attack occurs, APEX Cyber Recovery Services packages all the hardware, software and services your business needs in one simplified solution, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your data recoverability.

To learn more, watch the full video above and read more about APEX Cyber Recovery Services here.

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