Dell vStart: Accelerating Virtualization and, now, Dell Private Cloud

As customers look to gain more agility and efficiency while controlling their IT costs, they are turning to cloud computing. Enabling capabilities such as multi-tenancy, infrastructure as a service, and self-service provisioning, a cloud-based infrastructure eliminates the delays and frustrations typically associated with IT asset provisioning and significantly enhances employee productivity. In addition, by pooling resources, the cloud enables organizations to optimally utilize their capacity. The most secure way to achieve the benefits of cloud computing is through an in-house private cloud.

The recently announced vStart for Dell Private Cloud, is a turnkey private cloud solution that is delivered pre-engineered, pre-tested and pre-built and includes servers, storage, networking and cloud management software. Within days of delivery, customers can begin to realize the benefits of a private cloud without going through the long drawn out processes of architecting, building and integrating. Powered by Dell’s VIS Creator and offered with a choice of the leading hypervisors — Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere — the Dell Private Cloud solution provides many advanced cloud management capabilities out of the boxand ready to use. p>

With its cross-platform capabilities, Dell Private Cloud provides a single tool for global cloud administration, enabling administrators to manage across their virtualized environment. Customers looking to leverage a hybrid cloud model, whether for cloud bursting or as part of their ongoing strategy, can accomplish that through the same VIS Creator platform. For IT leaders looking to accurately identify their customers and understand their usage patterns, the Dell Private Cloud solution provides out of the box detailed chargeback/showback reports.

Built upon Dell’s award winning vStart solution, vStart for Dell Private Cloud is designed to scale to accommodate the growing needs of a customer. It scales both vertically (adding additional server or storage capacity) or by adding additional vStart racks that connect seamlessly and are managed through a single console. Since vStart for Dell Private Cloud is a built, sold and supported by Dell, customers have a single point of accountability.

vStart for Dell Private Cloud is expected to be available starting Q2, 2012. For more information on vStart, check out the overview video.

About the Author: Deepak Kanwar