Watch online: APEX and Multi-cloud Dell Technologies World Sessions

You can attend these APEX and multi-cloud portfolio sessions at Dell Technologies World without leaving home.

While thousands of our customers, partners, and  peers will be attending Dell Technologies World in Las Vegas from May 2-5, we know not everyone is able to join us in person. Is Vegas not in the cards for you? You’re still in luck. We’ve made a wide range of content available through our digital broadcast, including sessions focused on our APEX and multi-cloud solutions.

Below you can find details on nine sessions you can watch online on or after May 2. These sessions will air live at different times between May 2-5 and will be available on demand when the event concludes. To watch, be sure to register for the digital broadcast.

Bring the Power of your Cloud to Your VMware Workloads with the Dell APEX Portfolio

Join this session to learn about application strategies for multi-cloud and our vision for your organization’s success. We will discuss how APEX reduces IT management burden while deploying more secure and consistent operations across multiple clouds. Session ID: 1100BDZ.

Expanded as-a-Service Offerings Can Help IT Thrive in a Multi-Cloud World

Learn how to take advantage of simplified cloud experiences delivered how and where they are needed, as-a-Service (aaS). We’ll explore how Dell Technologies APEX offerings—based on the Dell Technologies innovation you know and trust—can help modernize IT, while enabling you to build on the technology and skills that your business already utilizes. Discover how APEX simplifies IT, allowing your team to focus on strategic activities, while gaining more agility and control in today’s multi-cloud world. Session ID: 1103BDZ.

Simplicity, Agility and Control in Technology Procurement with APEX Custom Solutions

Hear how Dell APEX Custom Solutions can help your organization leverage on-premises as-a-Service (aaS) capabilities, delivered in technology stacks that can be customized to specifications and paid for buffer capacity as it is used. APEX Custom Solutions provide predictability for increased simplicity, flexibility for enhanced agility, and choice for greater control as your organization purchases and uses technology. Session ID: 1104BD.

Discover the Power of a Single Cloud Operational Dashboard with APEX Console

This session is an introduction to Dell Technologies APEX Console, an online, always present interface that enables cloud IT managers to monitor deployed system health over time, identify solutions to drive desired outcomes, and order technologies quickly and efficiently. The effect? APEX Console puts you in the driver’s seat, enabling your team to keep cloud- and -aaS infrastructure projects moving forward. We’ll show you how to get clear pricing and submit orders in as little as 30 minutes, and get quick access to the Dell Technologies experts you’ve trusted for years—available just a click away when you need them! Session ID: 1107DZ.

CIO Interview: Choosing SaaS Data Protection for the Multi-Cloud Era

Join us for an interview with Joseph Daniels, CIO of the Illinois State Treasurer’s Office, to hear about the challenges he faced with the enormous volumes of data from multiple sources and how it was impacting existing IT infrastructure. Daniels will share how he transformed the dramatically overprovisioned IT office and why he chose Dell Technologies APEX Backup Services—the newest offer in the APEX portfolio—for resiliency, disaster recovery, cyber security and data compliance. Session ID: 1108D.

Extend Your APEX Solution Across the Enterprise with Professional Services

APEX Cloud Services simplifies your infrastructure consumption, but how can you extend that value to your business stakeholders? In this session, we’ll talk how Dell Technologies can provide additional automation and key integration services to help you extend the flexibility of your APEX Cloud Services solution—enabling you to improve platform adoption and realize business outcomes faster. Session ID: 1101BD.

Rethinking Multi-Cloud and the Future of IT

Organizations are adopting multi-cloud to get the best-of-class capabilities they need to support their applications and data, wherever they are hosted. However, for many businesses, multi-cloud means “multi-contract”: multiple environments without consistency, which leads to many challenges. Learn foundational methods to turn multiple clouds into a true multi-cloud experience with Dell Technologies. Session ID: 2200D.

Making Sense of Modern Apps: Breakthrough Application Transformation with VMware Tanzu

Delivering breakthrough applications requires the support of new architectures and tools, such as micro-services and containers, orchestrated by Kubernetes. Dell Technologies has partnered with VMware to offer a portfolio of solutions that are compatible with today’s highly virtualized application base, while providing support for new technologies. This session discusses how Dell Technologies and VMware Tanzu can help to overcome the common challenges of adopting cloud-native technologies. Session ID: 2201D.

Protect Critical Data and Enhance Your Cyber-resiliency with Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery

Protecting your organization starts with protecting your data from ransomware and other cyber threats. A modern cyber-resiliency strategy built around Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery provides an isolated secure vault for helping protect business critical data from these threats. Come learn how to easily and confidently recover your data and organization after a cyberevent with Dell Technologies. Session ID: 9914D.

You’re invited to tune in

We invite you to watch these sessions and more as part of our Dell Technologies World 2022 virtual programming. All these sessions can be streamed live and will be available on-demand on or after May 2. And the best part is our virtual sessions are free to all. Here’s where you can register.

Sharon Maher

About the Author: Sharon Maher

Sharon Maher leads marketing for Dell Digital, Dell’s IT organization, and thought leadership for APEX and multi-cloud.