We Mean Business: Katie’s Corner – The Sensitive Baker

Ah, the sensitive baker. Not so much sensitive as out of touch with technology. Although, on second thought … she was pretty sensitive. Bill came out of the store only 10 minutes after being in there and thought we were all going to get kicked out!
What ran the business? Post-it Notes, zero inventory control, zero backup, and zero branding. My first lemonade stand sales were more involved. I felt bad because Sandee was so clueless, but the good news was, as soon as I met her, she confirmed that she needed some help in the tech department. “We know we need to upgrade.” she said. Thank goodness. It’s always much easier for me to do my job if the person is willing to be ‘on board’.

There was a lot in this episode that the viewer didn’t see…
My favorite was when Peter went to the fabric store and picked out a few ridiculous swatches to show Sandee what he was “thinking“. The swatches sported pineapples, bright pink polka dots, etc. It was an instant classic when you saw her face.
We ate A LOT. The food was absolutely delicious. I am not gluten intolerant nor was Bill and Peter but we ate like we were going to the chair. Pizzas, chocolate chip cookies, bagels – every item was DELICIOUS. And believe it or not, the ‘slackers’ were incredibly hospitable.
We actually whipped up a recipe for disaster. Instead of tossing the extremely outdated cash register out…we baked it. Yep… baked it. And then Sandee underhand basket tossed it in the trash, symbolically proving- out with the old; in with the new.

As witnessed…
We installed a Touch Screen *** system, a Dell Latitude Laptop for remote access, and a multifunction printer. Additionally, a server for data protection was added along with two digital displays for menus and customized in-store advertising. It was evident this was desperately needed, and even though it was a tight make-over for our team, we did it and the pay off in the end was…well…sweet.
Stay tuned for the next episode as we take on the dogs…

About the Author: Katie Linendoll