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Welcome to the latest edition of the Weekly Recap, your guide to the week's Dell-related news and happenings. 

Story of the Week

Dell SecureWorks Launches Threat Resource Center eWeek – July 31, 2012
Dell SecureWorks, a division of the tech giant that deals solely with information security services, announced the launch of the Advanced Threat Resource Center (ATRC) to help organizations detect, resist and respond to advanced cyber-threats.

Other Dell News

PGA 3M Championship – Dell Social Media Command Center Storify – August 2, 2012
Dell has partnered with Gage Marketing Group to provide a mobile social media command center to monitor social media conversations at the tournament.

BYOD increases productivity, but IT departments need to be prepared Computer Weekly – August 2, 2012
Employees who are offered bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives and input into IT decisions are likely to be more productive in the workplace, according to research.  Also known as the consumerisation of IT, such flexibility may enhance productivity and morale, but could also add extra pressures on an organisation’s IT department, suggested the global study from Dell and Intel.

Corporate Social Responsibility is Well & Should be a Vital Part of Company India CSR – August 2, 2012
As part of our Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility (CSR) interview series, Rusen Kumar & Harsha Mukherjee talked Trisa Thompson, vice president of corporate responsibility at DELL about corporate responsibility at Dell.

2012 Dell Challenge Winners Tackle Distribution of Appropriate Technology Sustainablog – August 1, 2012
Think clean cookstoves or solar LED lamps are cool? If so, you don’t have to give a lot of thought to getting your hands on the product you want: you’ve got a credit card and an internet connection, so you’re good to go.

Mushrooms and bamboo? Dell delves into packaging alternatives GreenBiz – July 31, 2012
Some of the most impactful out-of-the-box sustainability ideas start inside the box. For evidence, look no further than high-tech giant Dell's recent fiscal 2012 corporate responsibility report.

HIT Startups May Reap the Benefits of Big Business Funding Healthcare IT News – July 31, 2012
Hailing from Atlanta, which has a vibrant startup scene via the resources offered by Georgia Tech’s Advanced Technology Development Center, Venture Atlanta and similarly themed programs (not to mention a strong healthcare IT sector in general), I keep a sharp eye out for news related to just-getting-off-the-ground healthcare IT companies.

On the Record with Dell's Networking VP Armughan Ahmad eChannel Line – July 31, 2012
Armughan Ahmad, VP of Global Networking Sales at Dell, talks with Channelline CEO Rovbert Cohen about Dell's networking business, and the growing role it plays in the company as Dell's enterprise solutions business grows.

Ad of the Day: Dell AdWeek – July 31, 2012
Dell can help kids fly. So says "Meet Annie," a new commercial about a fifth grader who uses her laptop, a handheld camera and a homemade green screen to create a video of herself going airborne over her elementary school playground.

Dell Offers Microsoft Office 365 to SMB Customers IT Business Edge – July 30, 2012
Dell has announced that it will start offering Microsoft Office 365 to its SMB customers. Office 365 with Dell will come with Microsoft Outlook desktop software, as well as hosted Exchange, Office Web Apps, SharePoint and Lync access from any Dell device, which includes smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.

Grow Financial Gets Memory Boost With Virtualization Credit Union Times – July 30, 2012
Grow Financial worked with Syscom Technologies and Dell to design and deploy a new information technology infrastructure that it said has reduced costs for maintenance and licensing while sharply increasing its storage capacity.

Dell XPS 14 Ultrabook review TechWorld – July 30, 2012
Although it's based on Intel's fastest new Ivy Bridge CPU for Ultrabooks, the Dell XPS 14 at 4.7 pounds hovers perilously close in weight to the all-purpose laptop category. But Dell gives you several reasons to lug the extra ounces around, especially if you value good multimedia features.

Dell progresses in transition to services model Reseller News – July 31, 2012
Hardware giant Dell is roughly halfway through a global makeover. With the recent acquisition of security hardware vendor, SonicWall, and the pending purchase of Quest, the company is taking a big picture view of the world.

Tagging and Tracking Espionage Botnets Games Krebs On Security – July 30, 2012
A security researcher who’s spent 18 months cataloging and tracking malicious software that was developed and deployed specifically for spying on governments, activists and industry executives says the complexity and scope of these cyberspy networks now rivals many large conventional cybercrime operations.

Dell Precision M6700 review PC Pro – July 26, 2012
It’s been a couple of years since it refreshed its high-end Precision workstations, but Dell clearly knows the formula works. On the outside, little has changed between the 2010 vintage and 2012’s M6700.

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Industry Quotes & Insight

“Today’s businesses need a smarter, more mobile approach… If an organization wishes to remain in a very competitive market, it needs to open its mind and broaden its perspectives.” – Fergus Murphy, EMEA marketing director, Client Solutions, Dell

“Corporate Social Responsibility not only ensures that companies conduct their efforts with integrity, it encourages a responsible way to do business in the marketplace. CSR is a strategic imperative that provides companies with real business value. It is something that has become increasingly important to our customers and continues to remain a business imperative for us.” – Trisa Thompson, vice president of corporate responsibility, Dell

“Our Counter Threat Unit research team, which is often the first in the security industry to identify emerging threats and new exploit techniques, has engaged with a diverse range of security leaders who are actively defending against advanced threats every day… Collectively, we have assimilated a knowledge base that gives organizations a real-world guide on how to detect, resist, respond and mitigate the risks from these targeted threats. This new resource center contains valuable tools that help demystify advanced threats. By understanding how these advanced threats operate, organizations can better protect themselves.”  – Jon Ramsey, chief technology officer, Dell SecureWorks

“Unlike the largest cybercrime networks that can contain millions of infected computers in a single botnet, cyber-espionage encompasses tens of thousands of infected computers spread across hundreds of botnets. So each botnet tends to look like a fairly small-scale operation. But this belies the fact that for every [cyber-espionage] botnet that is discovered and publicized, hundreds more continue to lie undetected on thousands of networks.” – Joe Stewart, senior director, malware research, Dell SecureWorks

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