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Welcome to the latest edition of the Weekly Recap, your guide to the week's Dell-related news and happenings. 

Story of the Week

Innovating The Process Of Getting Technology To People Who Need It FastCompany – July 10, 2012
Having technology that will change the lives of people in the developing world doesn’t mean much if you can’t get it to them. To fix that, Essmart Global is trying to revolutionize distribution and supply chains.

Other Dell News

CEO of Dell Incorporated visits Africa Business Ghana – July 13, 2012
Michael Dell, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Dell Incorporated has made a surprise visit to Nigeria to familiarise with Information Communication Information operations in Africa.

Dell highlights success tips for SMB early cloud adopters ZDNet – July 12, 2012
Despite many cloud providers touting solutions that don't lock customers in while letting them free to roam around, it looks like that might not be what the customers want.

Dell Exec: Windows Server 2012 Good for the Channel The Var Guy – July 12, 2012
It’s always interesting, and usually telling, in the wake of a Microsoft OS announcement to see which OEMs come out publicly in support of the new platform — as in, which ones go on record talking about it months in advance.

Executive Spotlight: George Newstrom, Dell Federal, GM of Defense & National Security Executive Biz – July 12, 2012
George Newstrom has served as general manager for Dell Services Federal Government’s defense and national security business since October 2011.

Dell Offers Quickstart Data Warehouse Appliance Information Week – July 11, 2012

While not a complete business intelligence system, Dell's Quickstart 1000 appliance bundles Microsoft SQL Server 2012 database and Dell Boomi data-integration software.

‘Many businesses would like Windows tablets’ The Times of India – July 11, 2012
The consumer marketplace has in recent times — thanks to the fascinating range of smartphones and tablets — strongly influenced the workplace, with businesses being pushed to allow employees to bring the devices they like to work.

Bio-Plastic Firms Are Mushrooming SmartMoney – July 10, 2012
Machan: The founders of Ecovative are convinced that they'll be able to create mushroom-based products to take the place of most plastics, and they've already put some on the market.

Making a KACE with SMBs Express Computer – July 10, 2012
Enterprise management frameworks have never really sold in India except to the biggest organizations. That's why, even the purveyors of these frameworks nowadays talk about smaller and simpler solutions. If that's the case with products aimed at the enterprise segment,

Dell PowerEdge T620 review IT Pro – July 10, 2012
Dell’s first E5-2600 Xeon pedestal server has versatility high on its agenda. The PowerEdge T620 also has a monstrous expansion capacity with the ability to support up to 32 SFF drive bays.

Let's Stop Overlooking Systems Innovations Forbes – July 10, 2012
Product-based innovations are easy to love. You can touch them or, failing that, imagine using them. Systems innovations are far more difficult to understand and support, and that puts them in danger of neglect.

Windows 8: How To Test For SMBs Information Week SMB – July 10, 2012
Take Microsoft's newest OS out for an easy test drive. Here's how, and what to consider when crafting your SMB's Windows strategy.

Adding Value to Corporate America Latino Magazine – July 10, 2012
For years, Latino employees at major corporations have been coming together to form groups known as employee resource groups. Born out of the need to bond over cultural familiarity with fellow co-workers, these groups (often referred to as affinity groups or ERGs) have evolved to become an essential part of a company’s business model, adding to the bottom line.

Targeted Care through a High-Performance Cloud HPC Wire – July 9, 2012
The transformation of healthcare from episodic to true personalized care is being met with both optimism and the realities of a system that does not take into account a patient’s full health record (both genomic and non-genomic attributes) or the need to collaborate effectively to coordinate care.

Dell To Bundle Echo360 Lecture Capture with Servers Campus Technology – July 9, 2012
A lecture capture company that caters to higher education will be sold under a Dell label in a new deal between Echo360 and Dell.

Dell: it's all about convergence, baby Computer Business Review – July 9, 2012
Dell's Armughan Ahmad, networking VP, said in an interview with me last week that the firm's recently-announced Virtual Network Architecture is the third wave of networking: what he describes as the culmination of integrated servers, storage and networking.

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Industry Quotes & Insight

“We try to look at opportunities where the Adelante constituency can participate on behalf of our customers, on behalf of our company… We’ve created a team of Adelante members to partner up with the Executive Briefing Center that go and brief prospective customers in Spanish and Portuguese. Our customers find that to be really helpful in being able to navigate in their native language.” – Ed Loya, VP of Human Resources, Corporate Services, Dell

“Limited IT resources and budgets have mostly prevented mid-sized organizations from building data warehouses and realizing the insights they need… Dell now offers the mid-market a comprehensive, robust, affordable, and simple data warehouse solution.” – Ben Linder, executive director, data warehousing and business intelligence, Dell

“With TGen translational knowledge and the Dell high-performance cloud technology, researchers have accelerated the analysis of patient-specific genomic data from several days down to one day, resulting in a significant improvement in time to targeted treatment. For patients with neuroblastoma, this literally means the difference between life and death.”James Coffin, Ph.D., vice president and general manager, Dell Healthcare and Life Sciences

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