Weekly Recap: Dell in the News – July 20th edition

Dell logoWelcome to the latest edition of the Weekly Recap, your guide to the week’s Dell-related news and happenings.

Story of the Week

Eight Questions for Dell the Man About Dell the Company All Things Digital – July 17, 2012
Michael Dell, founder, chairman and CEO of the computer company that bears his name, made some news from the stage of a tech conference being held in Aspen today.

Other Dell News

Dell Mobile Digital Forensics Law and Order – July 20, 2012
Police departments are forced to collect more and more digital information during the course of a criminal investigation. Today, digital forensics encompasses almost every aspect of criminal offenses including terrorism, homicides, kidnapping, fraud and drug-related crimes.

Dell’s software strategy: Focus on mid-sized businesses, emerging markets ZDNet – July 19, 2012
Dell is planning to grow out its software unit slowly but surely, starting by focusing on small to medium businesses and emerging markets.

Will Technology Civilize Us? Forbes – July 19, 2012
At the dawn of infotech, we had some solid ideas about what technology could accomplish. Increase productivity? Check. Connect people and organizations? Check. Reduce the consumption of paper? Possibly.

Dell Launches Flying Data Center at War Fighters Wired – July 17, 2012
On Tuesday, the Texas computing giant took the wraps off what it calls the Dell Tactical Mobile Data Center — a kind of data-center-in-a-box that’s specifically designed for military outfits looking to air-lift temporary computing power into emergency situations.

Personalized Medicine Will Transform Healthcare Information Week – July 17, 2012
As healthcare providers incorporate deep analytics and advanced clinical decision support into everyday practice, they’ll turn standardized medicine into personalized medicine.

How Dell Turned Bamboo and Mushrooms Into Environmental-Friendly Packaging MIT Sloan – July 17, 2012
At Dell, the sustainability team, working with suppliers and recyclers, has developed new compostable packaging materials made from bamboo and mushrooms. As John Pflueger, Principal Environmental Strategist, says, “It’s absolutely amazing.”

Dell Ventures Announces $60 Million Fund For Storage Startups Forbes – July 17, 2012
Dell, continuing its transformation beyond being a personal computer company, announced today that its Dell Ventures investing arm has set up a $60 million fund to invest $3 million to $5 million in five to 10 storage startups.

Dell-Intel shed light on SMB attitudes to server virtualization IT Pro – July 16, 2012
Vendor report suggests SMBs are still unsure about the benefits of embracing virtual servers.

Dell’s Ubuntu Laptop Program Enters Beta, ‘Blows Away’ Expectations PC World – July 14, 2012
Fans of Ubuntu Linux may recall a project launched by Dell back in May to create an Ubuntu-loaded laptop specifically for developers.

Best Practice: 3 tips for High Performance Computer success at your University Public Technology – July 13, 2012
A high performance computer at the University of Portsmouth is enabling scientists to analyse huge amounts of data much faster than conventional methods, and allowing them to make real breakthroughs in understanding the universe.

Can Women Turn the Economy Around? (Video) Fox Business – July 12, 2012
Ingrid Vanderveldt on how Dell is helping businesswomen build companies and create jobs.

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Industry Quotes & Insight

“Where they (SMBs) do use a server, it’s likely to be something like Exchange – and there’s little point in virtualizing any server farm just to run this – availability can be dealt with by a straightforward dual server cluster. Even where there is a basic acceptance that virtualization is a good idea, there is a lack of understanding of how to move from a pure physical environment to a suitable virtualised one.” – Clive Longbottom, principal analyst, Quocirca

“As you’ve probably seen, Dell has been acquisitive. We think there are opportunities to catalyze certain spaces, and storage is one of them. And so we have a specific fund just for that. It’s part of our whole corporate development effort—and under Dave Johnson’s team. He’s been leading our acquisition efforts along with the business unit leaders. So this is specifically organized around making early-stage investments in storage companies. We think there’s still a lot of innovation to come. We think there’s still potential for a lot of change and excitement.” – Michael Dell, CEO, Dell

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