Weekly Recap: Dell in the News–November 2 Edition

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Microsoft & Dell CEOs Show Off Windows 8 CNNMoney – October 30, 2012


Offering new possibilities for both consumers and software developers, Windows 8 makes a compelling case for people to change their PC. Speaking independently and with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, Michael Dell said that Microsoft’s new operating system opens up new possibilities to scale and integrate tablets into the business environment and to deliver a more addictive and immersive touch experience. With tablets that can fulfill the role of PC, Windows 8 will be good for Dell and will help to regenerate interest from consumers in PC upgrades.


Cool mobile devices are just one piece of the BYOD puzzle. Dell has spoken about how solutions optimised for management, security and productivity are critical in exceeding user expectations and overcoming IT constraints.

Dell’s Data Center Solutions group recently shipped its 1 millionth server just five years after coming into existence. It’s proof of how important webscale buyers have become to the server market, as well as how different their demand are than those of traditional IT buyers.

Every enterprise that has deployed cloud infrastructure or uses a hosted cloud network needs efficient security modules. Richard Ting, vice president Asia Sales and general manager, Dell SonicWALL, has explained how next-generation firewalls provide network security with scalability and rapid deployment for businesses in India.

Adding tremendous value to SMBs that are looking to expand or to businesses with smaller IT departments, Dell products and solutions enable IT staff to focus on innovations that improve their bottom line.

The Dell Shop app uses the trademark Windows 8 live tiles—dynamic icons which display on a tablet or computer’s start screen—to show shoppers notifications about new products and offers from Dell.

Dell has pledged its support for a series of university research projects with Arizona State University, Clemson University and Indiana University. Designed to improve computing and networking technologies, the projects will include the development of big data platforms, open-source frameworks and storage systems for use in research and development operations.

At least one large electronics manufacturer has already found a way to responsibly handle its e-waste and create much-needed jobs in the bargain. Through a partnership with Goodwill called Reconnect, Dell collects 90 million pounds of electronics each year.

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