What Fake Steve Jobs doesn’t get about Dell

We have skeptics about our commitment to changing our business in significant ways, including our channel business.  Its not hard to understand why, after having been the main driver of the low-cost direct sales model for most of the history of the company.  But change is necessary and so we are going to change.  For me, I'm very happy to be with Dell, from EqualLogic – and being one of the agents of change here.  Sure, there will be times it seems like a struggle – for us and our channel partners, but that's the way of the world and no good things come without hard work and overcoming conflicts.  The things Fake Steve Jobs doesn't understand about Dell is the level of commitment to change and the fearlessness of the leadership here.  No fear. No fear to be open, no fear to be crticized, no fear to fail – just get back on the horse and ride. 

And so we started our channel blog today.  Come and get it.

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About the Author: Marc Farley