What is an Engineered Hybrid Cloud Solution from the EMC Federation?

By definition “engineered” means to skillfully or artfully arrange for an event or situation to occur. So how and why do we apply that to solutions in the IT world for hybrid cloud?

Believe it or not, there are a number of IT teams out there that have spent many months, in some Hybrid Cloudcases years, and millions of dollars in attempt to engineer a hybrid cloud solution only to fall short. Competition is fierce in this digital era and time is of the essence. More companies are realizing the best way implement a hybrid cloud solution is to buy rather than build it themselves – just drop it into their data centers and hit the ground running. So that’s exactly what the Federation created.

An engineered solution from the Federation starts with best of class hardware and software from EMC, VCE, VMware and Pivotal. From there, our engineering teams invested thousands of engineering hours designing, integrating and testing to ensure all the components work together as an enterprise-grade solution – one that can be implemented in just 28 days.

So now you’re wondering what exactly does the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution deliver? Workflows and application blueprints automate what was once manual into effortless infrastructure provisioning and IT services. Users help themselves and avoid the whole IT ticket submission process – thank you very much!

They’re at liberty to acquire the applications and IT resources they need on-demand via a service catalog, with all the management insights and cost transparency they need to align workload demands with their cost objectives. Sort of like ordering that down jacket online from L.L. Bean, you know exactly what it will cost when you place the order. The self-service portal works the same way – no surprises when it comes to what it will cost.

Hybrid Cloud 2

While users are given self-sufficiency, it’s not without guard rails.   IT remains in control, because they’re setting the policies through which the self-service catalog operates.  And it doesn’t stop there. New capabilities are added as part of the solution release cycle, with the Federation testing the entire solution end-to-end – for every release!

Professional Services are tailored too, delivering the foundation as well as optional add-on services toHybrid Cloud 2 help tailor the solution to automate delivery of anything-as-a-service – data protection, disaster recovery, continuous availability, VM-level encryption, applications, Hadoop, continuous software release cycle orchestration, even ecosystem extensions.   Worried about upgrades, no need – the Federation has that planned too, with guidance and services from one version to the next!

Support easy too – make one call to either EMC or VCE – done! Customers who buy solutions based on VCE infrastructure call VCE, while all other customers call EMC.

As you can see, the Federation created a seamless and accelerated path to the hybrid cloud. By identifying the challenges businesses are faced with, we removed the roadblocks and built an engineered solution, so you don’t have to. Check out the recent solution showcase by ESG Hybrid Cloud: Buy vs. Build where they explore the dilemma many business face when considering should they make or buy. Their discussion on the subject may help you determine if an engineered solution is right for your business.

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About the Author: Paula Swanson