What’s Going on in Taiwan?

There’s been a fair amount of buzz online about a recent pricing situations in Taiwan, and what Dell has done so far to attempt to resolve it. While there are things I can’t address at this time, it is important to us to address those things we can.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the details, here’s the deal. There were two different pricing errors that occurred in on the Dell.com website in Taiwan. The first was for a 19" flat panel monitor plus other accessories and the second was the Latitude E4300 laptop. We fixed both errors soon after we discovered them and began to reach out to affected customers. We also provided toll-free numbers to call if they have questions, and offered a discount to customers whose orders were affected by the price correction.

This whole thing has resulted in some pretty heated discussions like those found in this Malaysia forum. There's more balanced discussion over at Engadget's recent post in reaction to the pending fine. To be clear on one point, Mark Leach is right in his comment… no orders went through and no customers were billed.

Update: Some customers were billed for the inaccurate price. In those situations, we are contacting these customers to issue refunds.

While I can’t talk directly about government actions taken against Dell, we can say we are working with government leaders to reach a fair resolution to the situation for everyone involved. We apologize for any frustration these pricing errors have caused. I’ll update this post with more information when I have it.

Update 2: Affected customers in Taiwan who have questions can contact Dell here: 00801-863-060 (international toll-free; Monday-Friday 8.30am-5.30pm, Taiwan local time). Or, if you would rather join the discussion online, you can visit this topic on the Dell Taiwan bulletin board.

About the Author: Lionel Menchaca